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  1. Chloboshoka

    TEEN: May's Justice

    Title: May's Justice Rating: PG Genre: Drama Summary: May becomes a defence attorney to save her boyfriend, Ash. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story and they belong to their respective owners. This story is written by a fan for fans. The story takes place some time after...
  2. Chloboshoka

    Love the ship, hate the name

    Have you ever loved or liked a ship, but not the official ship name?
  3. Chloboshoka

    EVERYONE: Carry On, Blissey

    Title: Carry On, Blissey Genre: Medical Drama/Pokemon POV Summary: Into the eyes of a Blissey, who is a matron at a busy hospital. This fic was inspired by watching medical shows as well my course at college. Notes: Every effort has been made to make this story PG-13, although there may be...
  4. Chloboshoka

    COMPLETE: Sleeping Ash (Advanceshipping) (EVERYONE)

    Title: Sleeping Ash Rating: PG Genre: Adventure/Romance Status: Complete. It's already posted on ff.net and serebii forums. Summary: When May goes to Mt. Silver, she finds Ash unconscious and his Pikachu traumatised. A mysterious lady named Dahlia Hawthorne sets her a challenge to capture...
  5. Chloboshoka


    A crack pair. A yaoi pair with an age gap. I think it's cool nonetheless. Thinking of doing a fanfic but I am too busy. I think it is called Paisshipping.
  6. Chloboshoka

    Sigs and Avatars

    Sometimes I can't see avatars and signitures.
  7. Chloboshoka


    Hi, I'm C.Gholy. About myself, Im a shipper, I like shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, yaoi. I write some fan fics based on some of the ships I like. I'm a student who lives in the UK. That's about it