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    Pokemon Timeline

    IF A THREAD LIKE THIS EXISTS, FEEL FREE TO MERGE OR CLOSE So guys, I was wondering about the pokemon timeline. I came up with one, with a little opinon thrown in there. -Arceus hatched -Arceus creates universe with Dialga/Palkia/Giratina -Arceus creates The lake trio -The weather trio...
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    What's it like in a PC box?

    So yeah, what's it like in a PC box. I imagine the Pokemon would be frozen in time until it is retrieved. Either that or it's like a little paradise:)
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    Visions of the World Move

    So basically guys, I think VotW shouldn't be in the MM. Music and photos?
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    Blog edits

    So i was wondering, can you make blog edits or not?
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    COMPLETE: Darkrai07's Poetry

    I decided to start writing poems. Some sound like riddles, cause I love riddles. Please VM/PM me critisism so this thread doesn't become clogged up with everything but poems. But still post comments. Pwease... My first one was a complete fail and was really short but I might as well post it...
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    Looking for a battle on PO

    So hi guys. I'm looking for a battle on Pokemon Online. I want to verse a team that has one common type: ghost. This is because I have a team consisting fully of ghosts. The following clauses will apply: Sleep Clause Evasion Clause Species Clause One Hit KO Clause Selfdestruct Clause...
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    Ban Glitch

    Hi, a few minutes ago i was logging on and it said i was banned for no reason and it will never be lifted. i know there has been a glitch like this recently but refreshing or logging on as a guest does not work. it has stopped now but i'm not sure if it will happen again.
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    My computers fixed and i'm back

    hullo. recently my computer set itself on fire because it was using to much power. i had a spare computer that i used but it didn't have internet:( so that left me with my dads laptop but that still wasn't very good. I was only able to visit my main threads in this time(sprite shop,sprite...
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    Contest Battle of the champs

    ** Contest already exists: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f458/battle-champions-107887/ ** so a battle of the champions. The original champion blue? the dragon tamer lance? Steely Steven? The water lover wallace? The elegant Cynthia? Or the unovan Alder? Who is has the best design...
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    Peom etc sub forum

    hi, i was wondering if poems, raps, or anything like that could be put in the writers workshop, but thats for stories or the media merunge(is that how its spelt?) but thats for actual music. so i thought it mught be good to put a new sub forum some where, possibly the writers workshop, for...
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    Contest Lucario VS Gallade

    Note: There is already another thread on "Lucario vs. Gallade", so go there to make your choices if you haven't already there. Lucario or Gallade? what will you guys pick? the gallant sword fighting Gallade or the aura-sensing Lucario? really i cant chose as they are both some of my fav pokemon
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    plot help

    hey guys. in a story i've just started writing a legendary pokemon gets captured by n's great x11 grandfather A. a kyurem tries to stop him and save the legendary. but i'm not sure about which legendary to chose. i want the capture of the legendary to have terible effects on the earth...
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    Dark Cry's sprite gallery!

    hey guys! yay a sprites gallery. after shadow raikou telling me over and over again to make 1 i decided i will! vampire celebi that i dont like! ghost shrifty i like this. its a proper invert of.... Hygugion? no Hydreagion? ....... the sprite tha took me 17 seconds. its...
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    TEEN: The Power Of Origin

    yay my first story:) im not aiming this to be a looooong story just something to read quikly if your board. its bases on one of Lightning Topaz's weekly promts. Marcus is based of the D/P/P guy. the name of the story does NOT fit the story well....... chapter 1: “This is our last chance...
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    Random Darkrai pic

    hey guys. i made this darkrai pic this afternoon: please critique/criticise
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    My Pokedex

    Hey everyone Darkrai07 here! im starting a pokedex and I would love it if some people could contribute some pokemon. when its finished im going make a thread for it. you will all be given credit. here is what it is curently:(its small because its really big normally.i show the acual copy at the...
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    seasonal pokemon towns

    hey guys! i was bored so i decided to do something with map sprites. pallet got a flash freeze: http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/4943/snowypallettown.png anyway any one feel free to post anything to do with sprite maps (im cold....brrrr)
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    my first poke pic

    hey everyone.im a spriter and decided to a bit of pokemon art. i have only done one so far and here it is: (click on it) if you think anything is wrong please tell me thnx
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    Dark Cry's Dark Void Shop!!

    WELCOME TO THE DARK VOID SPRITE SHOP!!! Here is what I do: NEWS LOYALTY: Shadow Raikou Worker INFO Birdytrap: Does splices and recolours! Tris79: Does dream world recolours! example: Shadow Darkrai: Does hadeless,glow and Ditto sprites! Notes -You may see me frequently double or...
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    S7 E37 trainer choice seviper evos from arbok?

    in the episode S7 E37 a fan in the plan seviper evos arbok.ok weird so post any weird trainer choices or who is that pokemon