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Search results

  1. Yveltalplf

    LF: Shiny Mimikyu from Spooky Cup 2018

    I was in the middle of soft resting for a shiny legendary on my Ultra Moon game when they announced the competition for the Spooky Cup. Since I only had one game, I wasn't able to build a team and play. So I'm looking to see if anyone has the gift Shiny Mimikyu from the recent Spooky cup...
  2. Yveltalplf

    GEN VII: LF Ash Hat Pikachu (All types)

    Hi, I currently have a Hoenn & Unova Hat Pikachu I'm looking for the following Pikachu's Original Sinnoh Kalos Alola I Choose You I have a lot of recent Event Pokemon, the complete dex, all items, tons of shiny Pokemon. Let me know what you'd like in retrun.
  3. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF 20th Ann Meleotta

    Hi, I managed to get all the other 20th Ann Pokemon given last year, but missed December. I have the completed dex for Gen 6 and Gen 7. A lot of recent events, shinies, all the items, berries, etc. Let me know what you are looking for, I'm sure I got it. Thanks,
  4. Yveltalplf

    Giveaway 6IV Magikarp give away

    Hi I have a bunch of leftover 6 IV Magikarps (Male and Female) from my breeding hunt for a shiny. If you would like an item with it, let me know, I might have it. Thanks FC: 0791-4749-1403 (Sun&Moon)
  5. Yveltalplf

    GEN VII: LF: Shiny Tapu koko

    Hi, looking to see if anyone has the event Shiny Tapu Koko in the cherish ball available to trade. Clone is ok, not really concerned with nature. I have the complete pokedex, tons of items, many Hidden Ability pokemon and event Pokemon. Let me know what you would like in exchange. Thanks.
  6. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF HA Espurr or male Meowstic

    Looking for an femaleHA Espurr. I have a bunch of Items and other HA Pokemon for trade.
  7. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF: Pokeball or Fancy Pattern Vivillon

    Hi, I'm looking for a Pokeball Pattern and/or Fancy Pattern Vivillon. I have over 100 Different Shiny Pokémon, almost every item, or the following Legendaries: Rayquaza, Yveltal, Latias, Terrakion, Phione, a Shiny Kyogre (no pentagon), or a Hoopa from the McDonald's Distributuion. If you want...
  8. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF Female Seaking with HA

    Hi, Looking for a female Seaking with the Hidden Ability Lightning Rod. If possible, in a blue Pokéball (i.e. Dive, Net, Quick, Moon, etc) or in a Luxury Ball. I have about 80 HA Pokémon and about 100 different Shiny Pokémon. I have almost all Items and Berries available. Let me know what you'd...
  9. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: Looking for Foreign 6IV Ditto

    Now that I've completed the National Pokedex and have the Shiny Charm, I want to try breeding a few of my favorite's into shinies for competitive battling. I am in the United States and I'm looking for a foreign 6IV ditto to help speed the process along. I have a lot of Hidden Ability...
  10. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF: Thundurus with Hidden Power Ice

    Looking for a Thundurus with Hidden Power Ice. The priorities needed on this Pokemon are as follows: 1. Needs a blue Pentagon 2. A Timid Nature (would be nice) 3. IV=31 in Special Attack & Speed (also good to have) 4 or max 5 IV (HP, Def,SA,SD,Sp) if possible I have a wide variety of...
  11. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF: Female Ralts with Ally switch in a special Pokéball

    Hi, I'm looking for a female Ralts (or Kilia or Gardevoir) with the Egg Move Ally Switch. I would like it in a special ball ( anything but a regular Pokéball). Abilities, IV's and so forth aren't important, but would be nice. In return, I have over 60 HA Pokemon, 5IV of any breedable Pokémon...
  12. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF: Pikachu with Lighting Rod (HA) with Surf (a plus, but not essential)

    Hi, I'm looking for a Pikachu with its Hidden Ability - Lighting Rod. If it has the move Surf, that would be great. I have about 60 Pokémon with Hidden Abilities, all the Battle Resort Items, any 5IV/6IV Pokémon. PP Max, PP Ups, etc Let me know what you would like to trade for it...
  13. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF Magby/Magmar for finishing Natl Dex

    I'm at the tail end of completing the National Pokedex and I'm down to Luiga (which I will be getting from my Alpha Sapphire) and a Magby & Magmar. I'm not very good with Mirage Pokémon, so I thought I'd see if anyone would be up for a trade. I have about 60 Hidden Ability Pokémon, all Battle...
  14. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: LF Krabby and/or Kingler for ???

    So I'm working on my Pokedex and I can not seem to get or find a Krabby on my Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. So instead of becoming more frustrated, I thought I'd try something easier and ask around to see if someone would trade me their Krabby/Kingler for whatever they need. Thanks.
  15. Yveltalplf

    GameStop Dragonite Event for trade

    I have several spare Dragonite codes from the Gamestop Event (they stop handing out codes July 12th, but the code can be redeemed up to Oct 12, 2015). I'm interested in trading a Dragonite code for a Shiny Pokémon, or a Vivillon (Archipelago, Icy Snow, Jungle or Sandstorm) or possibly for...
  16. Yveltalplf

    Ralts; 5IV, 4 egg moves, Primier Ball breeding leftovers for ???

    Hey Everyone, I just finished breeding a specific Ralts and now I have a bunch of 5IV breeding leftovers. All of them are Level 1 in Premier balls and have the following egg moves: Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Encore and Shadow Sneak. Not looking for much as far as trades are concerned, but if you...
  17. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: Mew mew mew : loooking for mew

    Hi I am looking for a mew for pokedex. I have a shiny deoxys, lots of legendaries and Battle Maison items. Let me know if there is something else that you'd be willing to trade for. Clones are ok. I would like a shiny mew. Thanks. :)
  18. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: information on Pokescrap

    Hi, I haven't been able to find much information on the use of Pokescrap codes to get legendary Pokemons. Since this is a Japanese only event, I'm trying to see what it would take to be able to use special offers. Does anyone know or have experience with these codes? Is it...
  19. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: I wish I had a Jirachi

    Hi, I know I missed the deadline for WSHMKR's Jirachi, but if there is a Jirachi out there that someone would like to trade, please let me know. I can offer a long list of 5IV (& 6IV, if you really need it) Pokémon, some with hidden abilities and egg moves. I also have a Uxie that I'd be...
  20. Yveltalplf

    GEN VI: Looking for Moltres

    Hi, I'm looking for a Moltres to help complete my Pokedex. I have a lot of Items and Pokémon available to trade. Below is a small list... Noibat ( 5IV, Timid) Charmander (5IV, Timid) Fletchling (5IV, Adamant) Mawile (5IV, Adamant) Magikarp (5IV, Adamant) Ralts (5IV, Modest)...