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  1. EeveelutionLover

    Mafia The Pokemon Starters Mafia (Mafia Wins)

    Pokemon Starters Mafia Rules: DON'T IGNORE All TWR and Bulbagarden rules apply. No outside communication other than threads I provide. Nameclaiming and Roleclaiming is permitted as long as you do not reveal the information through any means. Revealing will result in a instant modkill...
  2. EeveelutionLover

    Pokemon Ultra RPG

    This looks really interesting but when searching through it to learn I have no idea where to start. Where do I go exactly to learn how to participate in that huge section of bulbagarden called Pokemon Ultra RPG?
  3. EeveelutionLover

    Fixing Thread Name

    Is there a way to change a thread name that you created? I made a roleplay sign up but forgot to have the name say sign up in the thread name? Can anyway give my info on this topic?
  4. EeveelutionLover

    Gen 5 league winner?

    Who do you guys think will win this tournament? I am voting for the eevee trainer for sure. I just love eevee and there evolutions. Glaceon for sure.
  5. EeveelutionLover

    Someone New

    Hey I'm GlaceonLover94 and I am new here. Still learning how to navigate through this site and once I am comfortable I would love to talk to all of you guys and share stories or what not.