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    I really appreciate...

    After my issue today, I do agree with you that some Bulbapedia users are copying TCG information from your site including translations of the Deck Titles. Bulbapedia users should not be directly copying information and should double checking translations, the validity of the information, and...
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    I really appreciate...

    Most reputable Pokemon news sites don't report on rumours. As soon as the information was confirmed which it was on Pokemon Sunday, it was promptly posted. As for TCG site, Bulbapedia is challenging your current monopoly in the TCG information area and that is what is pissing you off. Now that...
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    I really appreciate...

    Both #Bulbagarden and #Pocketmonsters chatrooms discuss things that aren't posted on the websites. Pocketmonsters.net also posted information before you did about the Lost Zone (http://pocketmonsters.net/index.php?start_from=7&ucat=&archive=&subaction=&id=&) from the Pokemon Sunday episode, so...
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    I really appreciate...

    Hah, you just did. :-p I've checked the article, and there is NOTHING from your site that hasn't already been reported here on the forums, other Pokemon news sites, or the Official Pokemon Card Game websites. As Archaic said, you do not have the exclusive rights to post information on the TCG.
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    Burger King opens Pokémon promotion website: 12 Cards and Accessories to be featured

    "Burger King opens Pokémon promotion website" How can the site be open if it doesn't launch till July 7th?
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    Review M11: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin

    As these pictures show, there is no scale issue. Mamoswine barely reaches Regigigas's ankles. </end dumb conversation of scale issues> http://imageboard.pocketmonsters.net/Sunday/src/121470178364.jpg http://imageboard.pocketmonsters.net/Sunday/src/121470175726.jpg
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    Pokemon Battle Frontier Box Set 1 Released Early

    Both Viz's official website and Amazon.com both list the DVD box set will be released on July 29th. It was spotted by a couple of people today at Walmart and AnimeonDVD also changed their release date for this box set to June 24th. Be sure to check out your local store to see if they have them...
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    Pokémon more than half as popular as American Idol! (see post for details)

    Pardon me for saying but comparing Pokemon to American Idol is a bunch of crap. The target audience for both shows is completely different. Pokemon is targeted at kids aged 8-11 and it airs on Saturday morning which would be considered 'prime time' for a cartoon of its nature airing in the US...
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    The Official Request a Song Thread

    Stop posting #PM releases on DDL sites. Upload reported.
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    ''Kaze no Message'' CD/DVD release date announced: Ending theme will be paired with n

    Kono Yubi Tomare has been confirmed as the Colouring Contest Theme for M11. Also to make this clear, there are 2 versions of the CD. The limited edition of the CD comes with a DVD, the other is the regular single version. Both CD's contain different tracks, so if you want all the songs, you need...
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    Review M11: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin

    :cheers: Here here! :cheers:
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    Cartoon Network now broadcasting in HD

    Pokemon will not air in HD though. The CN logo might have HD resolution, but the actual episode video will just be upscaled video. The same thing happens on TV Tokyo in Japan, the logo and episode warning text are in HD but the video is just upscaled.
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    Pokémon Video Game Showdown to pit U.S. vs. Japan: Registration open for official tou

    Only in Japan and USA = Dumb People that have properly PokeSav'd their Pokemon and copied them back to legit carts using Rein are going to own everyone in this competition. Time for the classic Internet Meme: EPIC FAIL
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    Pokémon Platinum information thread

    Apparently there is a 'Super Big Announcement' about latest game on Pokemon Sunday on May 17th. It will most likely be confirmed at that time.
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    How many of you would buy Japanese DVDs of the Pokemon series if they were availiable

    Yeah, forgot DP was only 8 per set.
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    How many of you would buy Japanese DVDs of the Pokemon series if they were availiable

    Media Factory announced that 10 more DP DVDs will be for sale in July. That's 22/80 of DP so far.
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    About "The Keystone Pops"

    'The Keystone Pops' has been rescheduled to May 10th according to Zap2it.
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    About "The Keystone Pops"

    The episode will probably air at a later date. People seem to think the English dub must follow the Japanese airing exactly the same. We know that's not the case as the dub has often changed the airing schedule quite often. How forgetful people are when we had almost a similar issue to this a...
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    That is false, they released 3 dvds in Japan a couple months ago with subs.
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    Japanese TCG events closed due to threats: Events canceled in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka

    Good for you. Say 'Hi' to Doc Brown and Marty McFly.