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    Greninja or Mega: place your bets!

    In this series we have reached an interesting turn point: Ash has the potential to get either: -a Mega stone, since at least 3 of his strongest pokes use them ( also because of new games and the stupid high popularity of MEGA Charizard Or -getting a Greninja, possibly the most popular of all...
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    AZ and the Ultimate WEAPON: how will the anime do it?

    As shown by the Mega Evolution special, Lysandre is coming to the anime at on point, and with him, AZ and the weapon are not to far behind. But first, THESE ARE SOME KINDA MAJOR SPOILERS HERE FOR X AND Y SO IF YOU DON'T WANNA READ ANYTHING GT OUT OF HERE NOW...
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    The Movies: Canon or Non-Canon?

    After perusing a few forums and reading discussions on the topic, I felt that is should be asked so we get a real answer: do you believe the films of Pokemon are canon to the main anime? this has been something that always concerned me for a bit upon hindset, but that I didn't really care much...
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    Hypothetical idea: a Professor Oak Special?

    Just something that has always been on my mind, more recently with the trend of the Anime creating more specials: what would it be like if an actual "Generation Zero" special was made? The idea I'm proposing is a special that has Oak in his youth as Samuel traveling around in the early past of...
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    Thoughts on the future of the series.(kinda long read)

    Recently, I have been wondering about the future of the Pokemon games. Maybe it's because of all the episodes of Zero Punctuation and Extra Credits I've been watching recently, but I worry about this series. Now there is no denying these games are addictive and fun, but once you get that little...
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    Will the writers ever get over the Water Bias?

    I've pretty much noticed an odd and annoying pattern with all the water type starters in the series that the main trios have(except one)- they never evolve to their final forms, ever. seriously look at this: Squirtle: Ash's never evolved, may's stopped at the 2nd stage Totodile: not...
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    Pretty neat palce, this.

    I was just a lurker fora good portion of my time here, but after seeing some of the really in-deph discussions going on here, I decided "screw it,I'm joining this site." so......yeah. hello droogies.