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    Pokemon Mechanics: Paralysis and Confusion

    This is an informational Thread about the status condition Paralysis/Confusion. There will be 2 scenarios,each hidden by a spoiler tag. I didn't know where to put this,as this pattern is in all Generations. Paralysis/Confusion is annoying,isn't it?The move needed to defeat the next gym leader...
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    Which one is Zoroark?

    A guessing game,in honor of zoroark,my faveorite shiny(opposed to Umbreon). There will be 4 pokemon,and there will be hints on the team.Try to guess which one is Zoroark! Rules: 1.No external help(other websites) 2.No using a pokedex. 3.First post to show up wins! 4.When pokemon...
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    Pokemon Civilization Sign-Up Thread

    This is a RPG/Strategy game Storyline:A demolished city stands alone.No human activity is found anywhere.Suddenly a rustle comes from the rubble.More join it.They pop out.They are Drilburs.They surrvived by digging tunnels to protect themselves.Many other pokemon come out.Many have one...
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    Poke RP Help

    I have two questions on this: 1.I thought of a RP that will be part war part nice rp playing.Witch do I put it in? 2.What do I post first in,Start-up or Sign-up thread?
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    Pokemon math

    Tell me if there is another thread like this and to close this. Use math and logic to answer problems on pokemon! You may post your own problems,only until the previous problem is answered. You must also have an answer to your own problem. If there has not a correct answer in 3 posts,post the...
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    New pokemon battle mecanics theroy

    Have you ever used a move that did more than half,and used it again and didn't knock it out?Well here's the name of it:Pokemon Adaptibility theroy.Basicaly,every time you use the attack,it does less damage.Simply,the pokemon 'adapts' to the move.This has not been proved yet,so don't criticize me.
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    Get eveelutions ready for pokemon global link!

    Yes,get ready,here it comes!The offical pokemon site,pokemon.com, released a new game,Befriend a Pokemon,allows you to get a eveelution before Gobal link opens! Steps 1.Play game 2.Finish level 4 3.The game will randomly chose one for you 4.You can choose not to keep it,but you'll have to...
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    Ok,so what do you think about me being a new memmber?