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  1. Memo326

    New Game +?

    It probably won't happen, but what would you guys like to see for a NewGame+ option? My ideas: - Trainers would have higher levels, and Gym Leaders, E4 and Champion would have more/different Pokémon, a la Challenge mode. - You'd keep your TMs, non-story key items, or maybe even all items...
  2. Memo326

    Team Rocket Grunts pages

    EDIT: Uh, I feel like an idiot... Didn't see the (small) notice on preventing edits temporarily. Feel free to delete. (I can't seem to find how) =D Original message: As it so happens, I'm bored so I wandered here and wanted to help out. Specifically, I was about to merge Team Rocket Grunt...
  3. Memo326

    About the format of Gym's and Elite's Pokémon...

    OK, so I've been a frequent visitor and not-so-frequent contributor to Bulbapedia for a long time now. One of my pet peeves is just how ugly the Team boxes look on a Gym Leader's or Elite Four's pages... They really stretch the page, and create unnecessary empty spaces. So I created an account...