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    COMPLETE: Sad But True. (A Pokemon/Metallica crossover) (MATURE)

    Blimey, here it is xD Decided to post it at last. Although the story features Metallica as well as Pokemon, you don't need to know anything about Metallica, or metal music to read and enjoy. (I am assuming people will enjoy it. I am deluded) :P You do need to know about Gen 5 Pokemon...
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    My Pokemon plushies

    Hi, here are a couple of pictures of some of my plushies :) My Applause Abra and Eevee. I got these two in 2000. I don't have the Pokeballs that they came in and I cut Abra's label off :O I have a thing about hating labels, lol xD My Banpresto Yamask. I cut off the string off...
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    Hi from CG

    Hi, I'm Cosmic Gerbil :) I started playing Pokemon in 2000, after I borrowed a friend's Gameboy and really got into the game. I am looking forward to Black and White 2 coming out soon and I hope many mysteries from Black and White will be answered in them :) I wish you could play as a Pokemon...