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    Rate the Pokemon above you [v2]

    5/10 I don't dislike it or like it. Its design does nothing for me.
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    Guess the next poster's favourite Pokemon

    He's my favorite in his evolution line, but compared to other Pokémon, I just like him. v happens to adore espeon
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    Why did ^ get hit by a bus

    Because his rapidash disobeyed him and betrayed him.
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    Rate the Signature Above You [v3]

    7/10. I like the mix of text around an image. I also like the themed trainer card and the fact that your signature lets me know more about you.
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    Guess the next poster's favourite Pokemon

    Yup! I love how care-free that legendary is/looks. Fennekin
  6. P

    Do you even know what the above avatar is?

    Vulpix and Ninetales. Two adorable, cool Pokémon.
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    Random Messages Thread: Episode XII riPepperonis

    Re: Random Message Thread: Chapter 12 Gives ^ ketchup