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  1. J

    Google Image Search the Username Above You

    Title says it all. Google image search the username of the person above you and post the first interesting image you see.
  2. J

    Avatar: War of the Four Nations > The Air Nomads & Soulmaster Won

    AVATAR War of the Four Nations Plot: Rules (edited from Mintaka’s): Mechanics: * This is a multi-faction game, specifically 4 different Factions: Air Nomads, Water Tribe, Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. * Each Faction will have prominent characters from both Avatar: The Last Airbender &...
  3. J

    Murders At Stone Manor: SOULMASTER WINS

    MURDERS AT STONE MANOR Plot: Character Backstories (written by Hitomi;): Jacques Piérre Colonel James Walcott Siddharth Nayak Peter Brussels Eric Blake Francesca Moreno Reverend Xavier Adele Samuels [/spoiler] Basics: #1. There are 9 players in the game...
  4. J

    Mafia Town Vs Mafia: Town, Best Friends & Giustizia All Win!

    TOWN VS MAFIA A Chapter in Mafia Legacy Hosted by Mintaka & J J M PLOT BASIC TUTORIAL BASIC DETAILS #1. So if it wasn’t already obvious from the game title, this game is practically themeless: it isn’t based on any show or series. It’s just your usual mafia game but at it’s very...
  5. J

    First thing that comes to mind when thinking of the User above

    Self-explanatory title is self-explanatory. It can be anything. Avatars, usertitles, personality, sigs, blogs etc etc.
  6. J

    Mafia Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia III: The Mafia & Shendu Win!

    Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia III The Return of the Demon Sorcerers Plot: Basic Tutorial (edited from Mintaka’s which is edited from Rayne’s): Rules (edited from Mintaka’s): On to the role mechanics (it isn’t much this time): ...god help us all. • This will be a “No Private...
  7. J

    Mafia Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia 2: The FoD & Larry Win.

    Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia 2The Revival of the Oni Masks Plot: Tarakudo looked around at the nine re-formed masks. “Looks like I need to find hosts for all of you again. You could do better than a child.” Tarakudo floated the masks up with his telekinetic powers. “This time we will...
  8. J

    Mafia Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia - The Dark Hand (+ Jackie Chan!) win!

    Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia The Quest for the Talismans Plot: Shendu was waiting patiently. After being banished to the Netherworld along with his son Drago due to Uncle, he had been mulling the years until he could be free again. He had lost all the Talismans in that fight (thus...
  9. J

    J J M's Random Compositions

    So I decided to go ahead and download FL Studio (thanks Blazaking!) and after a few tutorials I managed to create something. ^^ Here are all of the songs that I've made in order:
  10. J

    News Former VA Kawakami Tomoko passes away

    Tomoko Kawakami, who used to work for the anime until she was admitted for a unknown illness, died the day before. She voiced many characters like Misty's sister Violet, the DP PokéDex, Marian, Misty's rival in the Whirl Cup etc before she was replaced by Satsuki Yukino in 2008.
  11. J

    Uploading avatars

    I can't seem to upload this image as my avie even though it's jpg. It keeps saying the png image has a incorrect file extension.
  12. J

    Mafia X-Men Evolution Mafia - The Brotherhood has been defeated. The X-Men have won!

    Synopsis --- How mafia games work Edited from Iteru's. Rules Phases * Each phase will last for 24 hours. * Phase changing will occur at 6:30 PM GMT, more or less. Players 1. Mijzelffan Shadowcat, Survivor. 2. Mintaka Quicksilver, lynched on Day 8. 3...
  13. J

    "Pokémon: Black & White" Opening

  14. J

    About the movie release date...

    Zoroark: Master of Illusions release date: February 5 Going by the one episode a week thing for the dub, DP191 would air on Feb 5 too. Don't know much about how CN does these things, but doubt they would air a new episode and a new movie on the same day. Could they possibly air the last few...
  15. J

    Should TPCi use more 4Kids songs?

    So we know the original uses a lot of older songs as BGM once in a while. Mezase Pokémon Master, Type: Wild were used several times for instance. But TPCi almost only sticks with their own songs. (They don't use a lot of vocal songs in the first place...) 4Kids had some great songs that could've...
  16. J

    So looks like 2010 is going to be movieless after all...

    Since it's pretty close to November (which had Movie 12 last year) and still no M13 info, I think it's safe to say M13 is going to air in February (after DP ends). Seriously though, TPCi dubbing and airing M12 so damn early just screwed up the entire concept (a movie a year for the dub and...
  17. J

    Favorite/Not-so-favorite moments of Season 12

    Since Season 12 "Galactic Battles" ended a week ago and Season 13 isn't going to start for a few weeks, a thread for S12 wouldn't be so bad. So anyway, this season could probably be looked at as the turning point for DP, maybe even moreso than the first two seasons. Not only do we get the Team...
  18. J

    Preview of upcoming GF & Gym battle

    Since the last future events preview got a thread of its own, this could also get one as well. Especially when we're dealing with important stuff such as this. Haven't seen the preview yet, but there seems to be a lot of kickass battles. :p
  19. J

    Review S12 EP31: Gateway to Ruin!

    Charon's debut and Looker's return. What more does one want?
  20. J

    Favorite movie intro & ending

    You know those short sequences near the beginning of the movie where there's usually a battle or something of that sort with the opening song playing the entire time? Yeah, those intros. So basically, what's your favorite? EDIT: Wouldn't hurt to include the ending of the movies as well...