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  1. Steel_Justice

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    A staple of mine since gen 2. You can beat half of stadium 2 with this thing alone. Primarina
  2. Steel_Justice

    POTW Pokémon of the Week #66: Zorua & Zoroark

    I do like the design of these two a lot. They really play up their typing and inspiration well by being tricksters. They are a bit shaky in-game though with their limited availability and moves. It's great they have serviceable attack but the inability to get moves like Dark Pulse and...
  3. Steel_Justice

    Popular franchises in Pokemons world?

    Gallade the Vampire Hunter Green Lanturn How to Train your Dragon Type The Little Primarina Strong JAWS: Jaws with a mega sharpedo as the shark
  4. Steel_Justice

    Ideas for Regional Variants?

    When alolan forms were revealed I wanted a Dragon/Water Dragonite since they seem to be skipping it for a mega. The idea would be since the region is made up of islands Dragonite don't need to fly because they can just swim from island to island. It would look closer to Dragonair in color and...
  5. Steel_Justice

    Popular franchises in Pokemons world?

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.O.N Baltoy Story Care Beartics Ghost-Type Busters Greninja Gaiden Neon Genesect Evangelion Nidoking of Fighters Planet of the Primapes Prince of Persian Samurott Jack Super Lucario Bros (Mario) Yanmegaman Xenodoublade
  6. Steel_Justice

    POTW Pokémon of the Week #52: Scyther and Scizor

    Do you like or dislike this pokemon. Why? Love these two. Scyther is basically a mantis crossed with the raptors from Jurassic Park. Scizor is that same mantis in an Iron man suit. How is this Pokemon in game. Scyther didn't have a good start in RBY since it had no moves aside from normal...
  7. Steel_Justice

    What do you like about Sun and Moon Anime so far?

    The pokemon look really good. Lillie's Vulpix is the cutest thing I've seen in the anime and that isn't a small feat.
  8. Steel_Justice

    Your FUUUUUU Moments (non-Pokemon)

    ^ Stuff like that made me stick with my Isengard army. Saruman is so helpful when you're rushed by insane amounts of knights and tower guards. I was trying to steal an expensive car in Saints row 2 for the chop shop. And things ended up going south when some gangsters started shooting at me...
  9. Steel_Justice

    What if your avatar met the avatar above?

    Pet the dog with my gooey hands. Then ask for old toys to snack on.
  10. Steel_Justice

    Your Hopes for Ultra Sun & Moon

    An actual battle frontier with more lenient difficulty options. Story and characters that are at least as good as the previous game. Altered encounter rates. I feel that some of the new pokemon are too difficult/tedious to find and require a bit too much "trickery". More alolan forms. In...
  11. Steel_Justice

    Stereotypes about your country that's not true?

    I don't think I've ever heard anyone use eh to finish sentences as a kind of verbal tic unless they were making fun of the Canadian stereotype. I'm certain I've never heard anyone say aboot instead of about. We also got mean people like any other civilization.
  12. Steel_Justice

    Things that frustrate you in games?

    Not being able to change controls. Especially bad if you play 2 games which are similar but have different layouts. It's tricky playing GTA 5 after weeks of Saints row 3. Not being able to switch move character to the D Pad in Pokemon Sun is annoying since it's still used for other things and...
  13. Steel_Justice

    I really want to gush about...

    Don't underestimate Alolan Muk he'll reach out with his gooey hands and pursuit all those psychic and ghost types which My Lucario loves having removed, Slap on an Assault Vest and he'll punch out all those fairies with poison jab. Definitely the most improved Pokemon from alolan forms.
  14. Steel_Justice

    If Pikachu WASN'T the mascot of the series, which Pokemon do you think could be the mascot?

    It's gotta be Charizard. So many of us grew up with one and its got some of the best looking battles in the anime.
  15. Steel_Justice

    How would you buff/change a existing Alolan pokemon?

    Decidueye: Take away 40 of its special attack and put it into speed. It will sit at 110 speed which is good while remaining with reasonable bulk. It's only got 2 special moves worth using so it isn't a loss. Incineroar: Give it Pursuit, Knock Off and Drain Punch. Primarina: Give it some...
  16. Steel_Justice

    What video games are you playing now?

    Playing lots of saints row 3. I've been finding it more fun than GTA 5 since it really goes out on the insanity when it comes to cars and weapons. Really fun selling lunchboxes with an APC and butchering people with a chainsaw.
  17. Steel_Justice

    What keeps you interested in Pokémon?

    I've thought about hanging up the pokeballs a few times but there's always something that catches my interest in the next generation that pulls me back into action. This generation it was the island trials, the region being 4 islands instead of being (mostly) a big landmass and Z-moves. In XY...
  18. Steel_Justice

    Three Words Story

    modified to fire
  19. Steel_Justice

    How do you rank Sun & Moon?

    Story and Characters BW/BW2>SM>DPPT>RSE>XY>GSC>RBY Region and Atmosphere (includes music) Unova>Hoenn>Alola>Johto>Kanto>Kalos>Sinnoh Gameplay and Features (gimmicks and postgame) BW/BW2>XY>GSC>SM>RSE>DDPT>RBY Pokemon (New and Megas) XY>BW>GSC>RBY>RSE>DPPT>SM I do like the story and how...
  20. Steel_Justice

    Three Words Story

    where zombie cats