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  1. K

    I'm back, BABY!

    I don't think a alot of people knew me anyways, but I'm back on Bulbagarden after being offline for, like, 5 months or something O.o I've changed a lot since then, so I hope you'll like the new and much more awesome-ified me. I'm eating a purple freezie. Too bad no one cares. I'm gonna...
  2. K

    My faces :D

    I like to make big smileys! Why? I'm not too sure... Dont ask why the third one's so small.
  3. K

    Contest Togetic VS Marill!

    This is the follow up to Azurill VS Togepi. http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=78978&highlight=Togetic I'm currently too lazy too get pictures, but you all know what they look like! So you all know the drill, some long and boring paragraph about how theyre alike blablabla. I'm...
  4. K

    Kayumi's scratches ( New marill scratch!)

    So while I've been making Pokèmon eggs and pokèballs for my shop, I've been doing small scratch features of the pokèmon, for animations I'd make edits to the arms and legs or wings and sometimes scratched a completely new one, but I'd never done a complete 100% scratch. This is my first and I...
  5. K

    My first animation EVER(not counting lickies)!

    It was very simple. Its only two frames. But hey, I think its decent enough for a thread. Plus the sprite is cute :3
  6. K

    Kayumi's Sprite Shop (closed until I'm done some requests)

    Hello, welcome to Kayumi's sprite shop. Lately I've been getting into the art of "spriting", and just recently I decided I would try my hand at making sprites for you. While limited in content right now, I'll try to increase the available jobs I can do. I'm not a pro, but hopefully how I do...
  7. K

    Contest Uxie VS Raikou

    VS The brother to Azelf VS Suicune! They are both yellow and part of a trio. Not much else to say...again... QuEsTiOnS Of WrAtH Which would win in a battle? Which do you prefer? Design? Well, Uxie's backsprite is a construction worker helmet. I respect it because of that. But...
  8. K

    Contest Azelf VS Suicune

    They are both blue. ITS AZELF AND SUICUNE!! VS They are both blue and part of a trio. Not much else to say... QuEsTiOnS Of WrAtH Which one do you prefer? Which would win in a battle? Looks? No matter how much I like Azelf, I like Suicune better.
  9. K

    Contest Togepi VS Azurill

    Yet another fight between my brother and me. VS So me and my brother had another fight which lead to another thread. This one isn't just about cuteness though. Its also about strength and movepool so, vote. And this time the pictures arn't screwed up XD ThE QuEsTiOnS Of WrAtH...
  10. K

    Contest Mesprit VS Cresselia

    2 Pink roamers! VS The two pink Psychic type Sinnoh roamers! So who do you think will win? In a battle? Cuteness?(or beauty or whatever) which do you prefer? Well, I dont really like either of them. but I like cresselia less so I guess I choose Mesprit. Besides, Mesprit won me...
  11. K

    Contest Manaphy VS Azurill (Cuteness)

    Ok, yes, I know their not that evenly matched up, but me and my brother were fighting about which one is cuter (me on manaphy's side) and then my brother had the idea of making a thread in the Contest hall. So, yah, vote. P.S Sorry the pictures are screwed. *IN TERMS OF CUTENESS*
  12. K

    Contest Togekiss V.R Lucario

    Togekiss V.R Lucario! They are both the only non legends that can learn Aura sphere. Other than that, not that alike. But alike enough for a thread. So who wins? Better looking? Better movepool? Which one do you prefer? Toaster Strudel or Poptart?( I had both for breakfast)...
  13. K


    I started splicing pokemon and i wanted to post them for the INTERNET(echo). Anyway, rate 1 to 10 please XD
  14. K


    I have been reading bulbagarden forums for a while but never bothered to make an account for some reason(Butt is stuck to couch). i finally got my butt off the couch and made an account and some bot told me to make my first post here so Hiiiiii