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    Pokemon Mystery Castle: Explorers' Quest

    (What a failure of a title. xDDD) Anywaaay... Azu~nyan; RegiReece; -- Everyone in the land of Eonia wanted to conquer the rumored castles in another world; however, they had heard that whoever travels there will never be able to return, and almost no one dared to make the journey. Today...
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    Would anyone like to do a PRP with me? College has been burdensome for me, and I want to at least let some stress out by writing, so a casual RP (like there's no real hurry in posting) would be nice. :3 Maybe a PMD type with a mix of Pokemon Conquest would do? Like there would be *insert amount...
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    (Some Late Christmas RP) Let's Save Christmas.

    Lolwut. Posted on the wrong place. Anyway. Autumnbreeze-49, Ice Maiden Samwin, and Teh Dragon Trainer. Here it is. Plot: Years... how many years have we been celebrating Christmas? No one can really count, but there is something that someone has become aware of and made up his mind to do...
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    Hello~! :D

    I guess it's about time I introduce myself here... even though I don't usually do this stuff because I'm either shy or lazy. xD. Anyway, FireSong here! Yes, I'm a PE2K-er too... Lol. be happy that we're invading the Bulbagarden forums. :3. Anyway... anyone want to be my friend? Every people...