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  1. Every Breaking Wave

    Pokemon Refresh Glitch?

    I was going through my team on Pokemon Refresh after a battle to clean them/increase their happiness. When I got to my Grubbin, it was facing the wrong way and much smaller than usual. I can pet it, but this does nothing. There is no option to feed it Beans, switch Pokemon, or exit the feature...
  2. Every Breaking Wave

    GEN VI: Shiny Espeon please!

    Hi, I'm looking for a shiny Espeon, which is my favourite Eeveelution. Offering a shiny Umbreon in return!
  3. Every Breaking Wave

    GEN VI: Ocean Vivillon requested

    I'm looking to complete my set of Vivillon patterns for the Dex, and the last one I need is the Ocean pattern. I have extras of the Polar, Garden, and Elegant patterns I can trade, or something like a Spring Sawsbuck, Adamant Moxie Heracross... It would be much appreciated.
  4. Every Breaking Wave

    Rules Serious Business FAQ and Rules

    Serious Business? What is this forum for? Serious Business is fairly self-explanatory. It is for discussion of science (including the humanities), international news, and sports. 1. Science: Ask any science question you have, discuss any scientific discovery, new or old, and discuss new...
  5. Every Breaking Wave

    The Lost Ones

    Since I began Final Challenge back in 2007, I've had this idea in my mind for an eventual sequel. The plot, characters, and even the title have been stuck in my mind since the very beginning. I figure it's about time I actually got the story out there. Now since this is the sequel, if you...