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  1. JohnnyCool708

    Shiny Versions of Gen 7 Pokemon

    I think what's a more interesting question is how they handle the shiny color schemes for Alola forms. Will they keep the ratios on the color wheel from the originals, or will they come up with new designs?
  2. JohnnyCool708

    Alola Variant Pokemon: Thoughts and Predictions

    We did see Team Skull use a Drowzee in the trailer, so we know it's on Alola. The line is based on tapirs, which are definitely tropical. They're both also chronically underrepresented in both the games and anime as yet, so yeah. I could see anything from Dark to Fighting to Ground in there.
  3. JohnnyCool708

    Alola Variant Pokemon: Thoughts and Predictions

    I'll just note that we've generally seen Aloha forms for Gen I dual-evolutionary line Pokémon that haven't previously received much attention or been particularly viable, perhaps with the exception of Vulpix and Ninetales. I'm willing to bet that Alola being an archipelago region will mean...
  4. JohnnyCool708

    Team Skull Speculation

    They're so good because even though they have the whole "subvert the existing order" thing going on, their whole ragtag gangster motif brings them to life way better than most of the other evil teams. And I have to second the appreciation of the grunt just freestyling in the background as...
  5. JohnnyCool708

    Moveset Update Discussion

    Can the Bulbasaur line please get Giga Drain through a method other than breeding? Most Bulbasaurs received in-game come at a point where they're great to have on your team but selective breeding like that isn't really an option. I'd just like it to be through a Move Tutor or something, even...
  6. JohnnyCool708

    Moves & Abilities Discussion/Speculation

    Just so I can be caught up over here, has any information been released/hinted at about a change to the move system, or "special moves," or is this in the same vein as the five moveslot theory and extrapolation of Ash Greninja's "evolutionary" mechanics onto the games?
  7. JohnnyCool708

    Lillie's role

    I've seen some well-argued theories that she is connected to Magearna and that the commotion in her bag results from that. Apparently Magearna reverts into a Poke ball sort of thing when it's feeling shy, and also strongly dislikes Pokemon suffering, and therefore battling. It's a Mythical...
  8. JohnnyCool708

    Theory. Alola connects with Sinnoh

    Your first point is true, but there were no tall flowers in Gen IV like there were in Gen VI. It's probably more than likely that the theory in the video above is wrong, but I could at least see a synergy between Magaerna and the Pokemon Village that might support it some. And to keep with...
  9. JohnnyCool708

    The Alola Region

    The recent reveal of Rock type Iwanko makes me pretty willing to believe that we'll have some sort of early cave, probably in Diamond Head on Melemele. I'd also venture to say that the villainous team might be doing something in there. All that being said, I do think that the area behind the...
  10. JohnnyCool708

    Do you like that move effectiveness is now shown during battle?

    I've been playing Pokemon more than a decade, and even I still have to occasionally check the type effectiveness chart during competitive battles, especially with regards to resistances for specific Pokemon. That being said, I don't necessarily like that the feature is going to amount to the...
  11. JohnnyCool708

    Trailers and News Discussion

    The conversation regarding Yungoos being a "Gen 8 Pokemon" is definitely reading into the Pokedex entry way too much. Zeta is basically right--the animal Yungoos is based on, the small Asian mongoose, indeed is extremely invasive to Hawaii; if you don't believe me, just follow that link. Or you...
  12. JohnnyCool708

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    Is there a speculation thread for the region? I've seen some decent evidence-based theories thrown around so far, but cannot seem to find a dedicated discussion.
  13. JohnnyCool708

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    To be clear, when do we expect CoroCoro leaks to come out? And what exactly was vaguely promised for this weekend's coming Pokenchi? Also, when do we typically learn about the region? I seem to remember the concept of Kalos being based on France featuring fairly heavily, but my recollection...
  14. JohnnyCool708

    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    It seems pretty logical to have Mega Sharpedo and Mega Camerupt because of Archie and Maxie (even though MCamerupt is pretty underwhelming). With that, do people think that there will be a mega for each member of the E4? I'm not even sure the E4 is staying the same with the info that was...
  15. JohnnyCool708

    Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa Leaked? (RUMOR)

    To what degree are we positive these things exist? Lol at my 2008 name that I never changed...
  16. JohnnyCool708

    Do all these gimmicky stunts that Best Wishes! keeps pulling seem desperate to you?

    Re: Do all these gimmicky stunts that Best Wishes! keeps pulling seem desperate to yo I have to admit that the unfortunate earthquake disaster and subsequent episode skipping/hiatus in production severely hampered what seemed to be a very good plot in the early stages. Along with a desire to...
  17. JohnnyCool708

    The Kalos Region Speculation and Discussion

    Re: Region Speculation and Discussion Thread If you look at the picture of the Pokedex itself, 9 Pokemon from central and 2 from mountain Kalos have been met. This gives us a vague idea of the starting location, and the new evidence corroborates with claims that Lumiose City will be in the...
  18. JohnnyCool708

    World Championship Thread.

    I didn't remember verbatum my theory, I did miss those, and I believe I originally allocated space for former PCs and Rivals.
  19. JohnnyCool708

    World Championship Thread.

    I did this math awhile back. 8 gym leaders, 5 regions. 40 total. 4 Elite 4 and 1 Champion, 5 Regions. 25 Total. Lance is repeated. 64. Tate + Liza not in Singles, 63, one spot for PC. 64, perfect tourney size. As for the above photo, it is not a coincidence all the Kanto gym leaders are...
  20. JohnnyCool708

    Meloetta to travel with Satoshi and his friends

    Re: TR to go after Meloetta I truly wonder what was planned in creating Melloeta, because it really seems collasally useless. It is like Shaymin, Jirachi and Celebi, but at least those two were important, had areas attributed to them, were frequently referenced or had some destructive power...