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    Ash's 'disciples'

    I've read what everyone has said and here are my thoughts. I agree Max/Masato, May/Haruka, Dawn/Hikari and Serena are most likely choices. Scottie/Shōta is more of a blooming rival and is listed as a rival on the wiki. Clemont/Citron is just a friend with a lot of admiration for him. the one...
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    If Ash got a Key Stone...

    I would like Ash/Satoshi get a Key Stone and have it be on his hat. I can just imagine him tilting his hat and just taping the stone, resulting in a very cool and extremely epic looking Mega-activation. P.S. I like that so many others are in favor of the hat. P.P.S. (sorry I forgot to add this...
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    Ash's Pokemon XY Team/Predictions and Speculation

    "Two similar pokes in the main cast would be boring" indeed. the creators wisely avoid that. but I have yet to here any thing that says the racing is not exclusive to Rhyhorn. she get Rhyhorn for racing and leave Ash to capture Skiddo.
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    Things in pokemon that dont make sense

    Here Here. I agree completely. In both the game and the anime, no cense.
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    Ash's Pokemon XY Team/Predictions and Speculation

    I just want to point out that while alexa having Gogoat may decrease the chance that Ash gets one, it only slightly reduces the chance that he'll catch a Skiddo. Ash might get one that will stay a Skiddo and not evolve into Gogoat.
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    Your Ideas For New Pokemon

    Here is a pokemon I thought up a long time ago. Name: Pyrosus. Pokedex species: (TBD) Type: Fire/Flying. Evolution Ponyta, Rapidash, Pyrosus, M. based on the Pegasus, Slightly bigger then Rapidash, fames sprout from the sides of its back which forms into wings. the area around its flames, the...
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    Your Ideas For New Pokemon

    This thread is for You to share ideas on new pokemon, pokemon that you made up. The following is what I hope you'll include in your pokemon's description. 1. its name that should be theme related. 2. its type(s). can have no more two types at a time. 3. it pokedex Species. ex. Bulbasaur the...
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    If any of Ash's old friends return, who would you want? What role should they play?

    Re: If any of Ash's old friends return, who would you want? What role should they pla I would love to have all his friends back, but I can only see a few returning. Iris is a definite as the girls in from every anime generation always come back in the following generation for a few episodes...
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    Serena's goal : What do you think it is?

    I think her initial goal may be either Rhyhorn racer or more likely to be Ash. after a few episodes she'll start considering a new goal which will become her primary goal. It could be Pokemon Fashionista or badges which are from 1 or 2 at the same gym as Ash, all new gyms introduced in the next...
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    Ash's Pokemon XY Team/Predictions and Speculation

    I taken a look every one's theories, looking up evidence. Below is what I think and want Ash's, Serena's, and Clemont's pokemon line up will be. Italic pokemon are pokemon I what to see but have no proof for.. Ash: Pikachu, Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja, Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame...
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    Ash's Pokemon XY Team/Predictions and Speculation

    I already know that Ash (Satoshi) catches Froakie (Keromatsu) and Fletchling (Yayakoma), these I believe will evolve fully. As Ash has yet to catch any Steel, Psychic, Ghost, and Fairy types so I hope at least 2 of these will be fill in. Also well he doesn't always get a grass, fire, and water...