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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    Hmm, that's weird about your Pidgeot...I think all the pokemon I've transferred have kept their same abilities (maybe I should double check ~_^) But the thing with my Gligar is that when I transferred it from Pal Park its Sand Veil ability stayed the same, but kept changing to Hyper Cutter when...
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    Gliscor's abilities My Gligar has the Sand Veil ability so I figured when it evolved, my Gliscor would have the same ability. But strangely, the ability changed to Hyper Cutter when it evolved. I saved before I evolved it and restarted a few times, but always with the same result. I thought...
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    Simple Questions, Simple (Or Not) Answers

    If I remember correctly, I went real early to get the Choice Specs (around 7:30am I think). And for the Wise Glasses, I think it was sometime in the late morning/afternoon. I don't know...keep experimenting with different times and I'm sure eventually you'll get both items =)