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    Canon or AU - Discuss

    I thought that the time has come for someone to start a new thread on this board. As no one else seems willing to do so, I have decided to do it myself. :-p What is better for fanworks - sticking to the canon or creating an AU (Alternate Universe)? I have to say that I usually tend to...
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    COMPLETE: The Quest's End (PG-13)

    Pokémon – The Quest’s End A fanfiction by BenRG Disclaimer Pokémon, the Pocket Monsters, their human friends and enemies and all the technologies of the Pokémon universe are the property of Nintendo., Creatures Inc. and Game Freak Software. This is a non-profit work for free distribution...
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    COMPLETE: Ben's Journey - Book 3: Onward and Northward

    Ben's Journey A Novel based on my Pokémon Yellow adventure By BenRG Legal Disclaimer Pokémon, the Pokémon and the characters and situations of the Pokémon world are the legal property of Game Freak Software, Creatures Inc., Nintendo Entertainment and 4Kids Productions. No breach of...
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    COMPLETE: Ben's Journey

    Ben's Journey: Book 1 - First Steps Okay, this is a story that I have been writing for a while now. It is a fairly typical SI (Self Insertion) story, based on my adventures in the Yellow-version of the Pokémon game. However, those who have read it tell me that it is good, so I am posting it...