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  1. henrymidfields

    Creating the History of Shoyo - Or why henrymidfields think RSE messed up Pokemon's worldbuilding, and ORAS did nothing to fix that.

    So my past entry of Poke!Japan in the previous version of the blogs have been inaccessible for a while, so I'm going to repost whatever I have saved onto this blog thread. I was quite intrigued to first see Pokemon as an alternate version of real-life Earth when the Pokemon craze came out in...
  2. henrymidfields

    Dump: Modern History of Galar, under the United Kingdom of Saxceltia

    Galar is one of four former kingdoms that now forms the United Kingdom of Saxceltia and Northern Hibernia. From its humble days of starting up as a Roman outpost amongst the native Celtic tribes, the Saxceltian Isles grew into the biggest Empire that the world has ever known, with colonies in...
  3. henrymidfields

    henrymidfield's charcoal pencil artwork - both Pokemon and others - featuring Nintendo heroines

    *Erik Satie's Je te veux starts playing...* So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Le Corbusier's masterpiece, the National Museum of Western Art, home to the best impressionistic artwork collection in one of the few green oasis of Yamabuki City, that is the Ueno Park. I am now proud to say that...
  4. henrymidfields

    A return to a more Gen 1-2-like feel? A return to a more humble journey/a more realistic setting?

    So we have the first glimpse of Sun and Moon the Alole region, and I have noticed that with both XY and SM, there is a bigger focus on the real-life Hawaiian culture that the Pokémon region is based on. Are we going back to a situation similar to Gen 1-2 where Pokémon had bigger emphasis with...
  5. henrymidfields

    Favourite town music?

    Since we have a worst town music, let's also do a best town music too. Here are the ground rules: - Any place which is actually a human settlement is fair game. This includes places that you cannot fly to, like Anville Town. - Please do not include League locations, as they are not really cities...
  6. henrymidfields

    If you could re-introduce two things that were from previous games, what are they?

    I'm making a sister thread here. So there were many good stuff that were introduced in the past games, only to be removed by later installments. Here, we shall discuss stuff/items/characters/concepts that we wish were here to stay, but were removed, haven't returned yet, and being sorely missed...
  7. henrymidfields

    F*** yeah! Controversial *something*!! (Pokemon edition)

    I've got this idea from one of the blogs from tumblr. You choose something Pokémon-related that everyone vents their hates about, but you either like it, or you think its just a huge whinge-fest from people being butt-hurt. You write an article defending that person, story trope, game, etc...
  8. henrymidfields

    Yo Mama jokes Pokemon version

    Let's start up a "Yo Mama" joke thread for Pokémon! I've checked the pages, and it doesn't seem to have a similar one, so... As Ron Burgandy once said before: Let's go over the ground rules. Rule number 1: The punchline must be Pokémon-related. Rule number 2: On the flipside, anything related...
  9. henrymidfields

    Strongest/weakest Gym Leaders?

    Who do you think is/are the strongest Gym Leader(s). Alternatively, who do you think is/are the weakest? The following rules for this discussion are: - Assume you can use any Pokémon you want for this discussion. - Let's assume you and him/her are equally-levelled. Disregard any...
  10. henrymidfields

    GEN VI: Need Diancie code

    Hey, I will need a Diancie code as well. I'm in Australia, so I will need a PAL version, I think. I will need to check when I'm home, but I have the kami trio which I'm intending to send over to Bank. I also have a spare Zekrom (from a outside OT. Does anyone need these Pokemon? Thanks, HM
  11. henrymidfields

    Have anyone actually played a previous generation game after current?

    Especially for those of you who did not play through all generations: Did you get interested in playing a previous generation game after playing the current one? Either in the past or in the present? How did it feel? Were you able to get through the earlier game all right? I actually did this...
  12. henrymidfields

    Why didn't Korrina's Gym Battle Pokemon had any counters against Psychic/Ghost/Fairy?

    As the title said above. I battled Korrina and I was expecting a Dark-type move against my Honedge. Actually, I was relieved that there were no counters against me, considering just how much of a nasty surprise Viola and Grant were. (Especially for Grant, none of my Pokémon were of any use, not...
  13. henrymidfields

    Why do some people find Gen 5 too easy???

    As the title says. I'm having trouble understanding this sentiment, when this generation gave me the most gameplay trouble of the 4 generations that I played. (So far, I've played RBY, GSC, BW, and XY.) Once you outlevel the wild Pokémon in the area, the computer instantly becomes stingy with...
  14. henrymidfields

    What are your "Gym Leaders with overrated difficulties"? What about underrated?

    Have you ever had a moment where you actually managed to safely defeat a gym leader without being too clobbered in the process? Yet you found yourself surprised with people ranting about how difficult that particular Gym Leader was? What about Gym Leaders that everyone dismissed as too easy, yet...
  15. henrymidfields

    Have anyone ever had trouble raising a particular Pokemon?

    Whether it is due to the Pokémon constantly getting KOed, or it's attack just doesn't connect, or something else? Played Black 1, and had so much trouble raising Blitzle. It's attack is mediocre, and it's way too fragile. It doesn't matter just how many levels it is above, if an under-leveled...
  16. henrymidfields

    Thundrus needed to obtain Landorus, for Pokemon Black

    I also need to do some last minute trading before the Wi-Fi shuts down. I've got my Pokémon Black and my Tornadus, but I need a Thundrus from Pokémon White to battle Landorus at Abundunt Shrine and to fill in the Unova Pokedex. Has anyone have a spare Tornadus that I can borrow for the time...
  17. henrymidfields

    Gen V: Report in playing Black 1

    As some of you may know, I've started going backwards from the Pokemon game generation and played Black after finishing Y. I might as well let you know what I think of the game so far. http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f226/gen-v-should-i-play-should-i-not-159812/ I'm currently level grinding...
  18. henrymidfields

    Does anyone have a Celebi that I could borrow for the Zorua illusion event in Black?

    Has anyone got a Celebi in their BW(1/2) that you want to give away (due to bad IVs), or that I can borrow for the moment? I've recently started playing Pokemon Black, after Y, and I'd like to unlock the Zorua illusion in my copy of Black. If I remember correctly, I needed a Celebi for that...
  19. henrymidfields

    Another dual-region game? Or no dual-region game?

    So far, only GSC and the remakes HGSS have a past region that you can travel to after becoming Champion. Questions for you: When you found out that Gen 3 games were not to have a post-game Johto/Kanto, were you disappointed? Do you want another game that allows you to visit a region from a...
  20. henrymidfields

    How should the anime makes its direction?

    We all know that the anime still has the popularity for childern. But, what about the more mature folks out there? Should we have to be tormented to see Ash lose at the final stages of the league tournaments all the time? I think there could be a solution to this. Does this involve...