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  1. Blazaking

    The Artist's Alcove's First Official Art Contest: RESULTS!

    The results for our First Official Art Contest are finally out! After some tough decisions, we were finally able to come down to a selection of winners. 1st Place: Koutetsuban 2nd Place: trainer_ebony 3rd Place: Professor Erin Honorable Mentions: Takaki and Lady Lucifer We...
  2. Blazaking

    The Artist's Alcove's First Official Art Contest!

    The theme of the first official art contest is simple: Black and White. Any kind of art is allowed; traditional art, digital art, graphics, sprites; if it's art, it's welcome! To participate: Participants must post the URL to their entry's image within this thread. When the contest is over...
  3. Blazaking

    The Requests Thread

    In this thread, you can post any kind of art-related request you have and one of our resident artists can pick it up and complete it for you. You can also use this thread if you aren't sure which shop your request fits best in. Note that we don't want to this thread to become a complete...
  4. Blazaking

    The Artist's Alcove Chat Thread

    Here you can talk about general art related topics, or anything you want! Talk about some of your recent work, share your ideas or help each other out! Feel free to share resources or tutorials as well. Or just have a good time chatting with people you are comfortable with.
  5. Blazaking

    Art Gallery Rules and Guidelines

    General Rules 1. No Adult Content (Porn/Hentai) Posting of adult content (i.e. depiction sexual acts and/or private parts) is not allowed under any circumstances. 2. No Bashing of Art Do not post saying how someone's art is horrible or badly made without offering some constructive criticism...
  6. Blazaking

    Art Shops Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to the Art Shops sub-forum! This is where you can open up graphic "shops" and offer your talents to other users in the form of banners, avatars, sprites or whatever it is that you specialize in! But like any other section, this place has its rules, so let's take a look at them, shall...
  7. Blazaking

    Blazaking's Studio

    Latest Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoEQHMDxKmY Previous Remixes: Pokémon B2/W2 Remix - VS Rival Blazaking's Studio ~MEGAMIX~ [1000 Subscribers Special] Sonic & Knuckles Remix - Flying Battery Zone Pokémon Platinum Remix - Global Terminal Touhou EoSD Remix: Shanghai Alice of...
  8. Blazaking

    Mystery Girl in RSE Hyper and Master Contest audience!

    In audience of the Hyper and Master Contests in Pokémon RSE, there is a girl in the bottom who is almost immediately covered by the textbox as the contest starts, which would explain why no one ever noticed her. From the back, she looks like a recolored RSE Lass, but from the side she...
  9. Blazaking

    Do you miss the Jukebox/Karaokémon?

    So, are there more people like me who miss the small music video segments that used to come at the end of the first series i.e Pikachu's Jukebox and Pokémon Karaokémon? The songs were really good, imo and they bring back fond memories of the first series.
  10. Blazaking

    Blazaking's Sprites

    I've had my sprites sitting in an album for ages. But today I decided I might as well make them a bit more public. So, rate my sprites! Tell me which ones are good, awesome, bad, terrible etc. The sprites are arranged chronologically (i.e last one is latest and so on). Recolors A majority of...
  11. Blazaking

    The Typing Test Game

    The Typing Test Game in the Arcade does not work for me. The screen just blacks out and nothing happens once it says GO. Its been like this for ages, and has infact never worked for from the beginning. I've tried switching browsers, but its still doesn't work. Does the same happen with...
  12. Blazaking

    Where did the little icon go?

    The small website icon of the forums is not appearing anymore, as you may see: Whats the deal? EDIT: This doesn't seem to be happening in Google Chrome though. Still happens with IE8 though.
  13. Blazaking

    Itemfinder renamed Dowsing MCHN.

    On the official Pokémon site, the Itemfinder in the PokéWalker is referred to as the Dowsing Machine. Could this possible mean that the Itemfinder in HGSS will be dubbed as the Dowsing Machine? Post your thoughts.
  14. Blazaking

    How to Enlarge Sprites in Paint

    Alot of people who use paint for sprite related things have always wondered what the best way to enlarge sprites was. Most people would just tell them to get another program to do it. But I have recently discovered a very simple way to properly enlarge sprites in Paint. Here is an animation...
  15. Blazaking

    Why no Night-time themes?

    Night-time versions of music of cities and routes seemed to be a very nice addition to the series. Likewise, most people also thought they would re-appear in HGSS aswell. But, for some reason, this did not happen. Why do you think it didn't? I think it was because they were afraid of remixing...
  16. Blazaking

    Do you cook?

    I can make myself some noodles at the most. So can you cook?
  17. Blazaking

    HGSS Back Sprite Template

    I've noticed that on the Trainer back sprite of _____ from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Gold's beta back sprite is used instead of his official one. So, should someone fix it? Also, the template isn't used on Gold's official back sprite either.
  18. Blazaking

    Mozz's Username

    I've been wondering this for a long time. What is with it? I mean, look at it! Mozz It's huge and completely different from all the others! So whats so important about Mozz?
  19. Blazaking

    0 Posts?

    The user NeKo-NeKo is show to have 0 posts when I have seen her post quite a few times in the Dawn Fan Club. Heck, there is even a record of her posts when you click "Find all posts by NeKo-NeKo". So then, whats the deal? I haven't seen this happen with any other user.
  20. Blazaking

    Before D/P were realesed...

    Yesterday I watched Movie 9, and those two little DP hints got me thinking. What was it like when Diamond and Pearl hadn't been released?