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    Getting Back Into Writing - The Ins and Outs

    Over the past couple of months, I've begun to get back into my writing a lot more now by developing plots, putting pen to paper and just generally giving things a go again after being out of writing Pokemon since the back end of last year and writing in general since Spring (that being other...
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    ACADEMY: Lesson 10: Plotting Story & Character Development by harryheart

    This month’s academy lesson is based on character development and plot flow and how the two are intrinsically linked together. We will be touching on how you develop a character, but it will not be in any way, shape or form a guide to building or developing characters from scratch etc. as that...
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    Planned... But stuggling to find the words

    For a while now I've been sitting staring at my computer screen or pen, and paper pad but I just cannot find the words to flow through. It's the case for my pokemon fanfic (although luckily I have some chapters written in advanced) and also for my own original novel. Can anyone offer any...
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    UK Pokemon Anime - Big Update

    BIG UPDATE It seems like the new episodes of the final half of Galactic Battles will begin shortly! Visit this webpage - here - and then scroll down to where UK airdates end and it states that the episodes we haven't seen begin on Septemeber 4th, there is also a citation (proof) listed...
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    Okay now you may be very confused by the title of this thread because (I must say I'm a tad confused myself) but I'm basically posing a couple of question based on Adaption in the Pokemon Anime: Firstly do you believe that evolution is a result of Pokemon Adaption to certain environments, say...
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    Pokemon Anime in the UK

    Hello everyone! I don't commonly post around these parts but I regularly check up on it and one thing I noticed a lack of was something to do with the UK. It's surprisingly hard to find out information so I decided that on a large global forums such as this that we would benefit and be able...
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    I can't access the url

    I can't actually access the URL is just comes up with the Database error!
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    Marina and Jasmine in DP...

    Hi All Recently I've been seeing a lot of people saying Marina has appeared in DP and so I went back and watched the episodes and did see her - it was a welcome sight and got me thinking: Also with Jasmine being in the games did that foreshadow the Jhoto revamp and perhaps revisiting it for a...
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    Stupid Things Characters have done in the anime -

    In this topic you can discuss stupid things that people have done off the anime! Your opinion counts as long as you state why, and give a reason to your belief. You can also say stupid things that Pokemon have done as-well, this isn't just human based Discuss! Personally I think it was...
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    Max's Hoenn Journey

    I have always wanted to know what Max got up to when traveling with Pokemon so I decided to create my own story of his journey. This is all about Max's travels in the Hoenn region and his developments as a trainer. It tracks his growth from where we last see him in the animé to where I envisage...