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    Sign Ups Delta-47: A Mass Effect RP (No prior knowledge required)

    Delta-47: A Mass Effect RP No Prior Knowledge Needed The Story: The galaxy is currently under siege by a technology-based super-race called the Reapers, whose only goal is the complete and utter destruction of all sentient life in the galaxy. The Reapers are a mysterious and ancient race that...
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    Kanto Legacies

    Welcome To Kanto! Your own legacy is about to unfold... It was a quiet fall morning in Pallet Town as trainers gathered to kick off the season leading up to this year's Indigo Plateau Tournament. Today was the day during which all the new trainers gathered in Pallet to register for the...
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    Sign Ups Seeking Members For a PRP

    Sign-Ups Always Open I am seeking DEDICATED RPers who are interested in joining me Story: This RP will follow a young group of trainers traversing the Kanto Region, catching Pokemon and growing as individuals. Trainers will advance from town to town and gym to gym as they work their way toward...
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    Sacred Army: Part I

    Welcome to The Sacred Army Report time was 9am, it was a cold morning which was usual for late September. All the members of the Sacred Army were instructed to gather at predetermined locations, each company in a different one. You are all members of Alpha Company, located inside of a...
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    Sacred Army: A Fantasy/Sci-fi RP

    Intro Ok, so I'm sure others have found themselves in my current position. I myself have been looking for a video game that is just "me". I mean, I love fantasy I love sci-fi and especially RPGs. But, there are barely any that meet on common ground. For example, I can't play a game where I fly...
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    Help with a picture?

    With the "new" system it doesn't make pictures appear in a post, it just puts in a link to the picture...how do I make the picture appear in the post? Thank you, Tye Taylors
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    Seeking Porygon

    I need a Porygon for breeding, I would like it to have a modest nature and perfect Speed and Special Attack IVs Please list what you would like and I can confirm or deny that I have it...
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    Crisis in Kanto, A Journey

    (Read my sign-up in the start-up if you wish) Team Rocket has once again reared it's ugly head, now on a more serious note. There motives are shady, the Ranger Union has dispatced multiple rangers to uncover their plot and end it by any means. And so we begin, the Crisis in Kanto...
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    Seeking Experienced RPers For a Journey

    I would prefer an RP in Kanto (subject to change by popular vote) with that being said: any pokemon may be caught (as long as explaination is valid) So, I am looking for a few (max 5 RPers, that are fluently active Details: I will be rping random attacks of Team Rocket, and it will...
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    Until Death Do Us Part- Reboot

    This is NOT a pokemon RP Storyline There is a difference between living and surviving, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. But what if we lived in a world where the line was blurred, living was just survival with a few comforts. We live in this kind of world now, ever since it...
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    Self-Updating Sub-Forums/Searches?

    Well, I have no idea how this would effect the server (not a computer guy) so sorry if this will potentially cause lag or if it's already been recommended. Well, now we have threads that self-update (which I love so much), would it be possible for sub-forums (such as the RP) to update...
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    Infection: A Zombie Apocalypse

    It's been a month since the plague went global, what's left of the world is hanging on by a thread. This catastrophe started with just a little outbreak of Meningitis, it attacks the brain effectively shutting it down causing death. Normally, the disease would just die off in individuals when...
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    Infection: A Zombie Apocalypse RP

    It's been a month since the plague went global, what's left of the world is hanging on by a thread. This catastrophe started with just a little outbreak of Meningitis, it attacks the brain effectively shutting it down causing death. Normally, the disease would just die off in individuals when...
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    ROGUES GALLERY: The Aftermath

    Hello, I'm GoJ (known to some as Tye Taylors). Master Mew has given me the job of GMing a "Cannon Thread" for RG. I have dubbed this thread "The Aftermath" for the obvious reason of it tracking what goes on after a plot. Due to this name I have dubbed myself: The AfterMaster. So without...
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    Disconnect Error?

    Whenever I try and open threads it is giving me the signature "Not connected to internet, diagnose connection problem?" page...I would just like to let you mods know, and ask for a way to fix it possibly...I can browse the site but cannot open threads.
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    Naruto Super RPG?

    Would anyone be into an RPG for Naruto? I was thinking something along the lines of Rogue's Gallery but with Leaf Ninja vs. Rouge Ninja...Ninja would be deployed in squads to perform certain objectives and the opposing side would have to prevent the other's mission. Would anyone be interested?
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    Darkness and Light: A Tale of Rivalry (GoJ and Lone Wolf)

    Lone Wolf It was a fairly warm morning, in fact it was the first day of summer. The begining of our story takes place in the quiet town know as Twinleaf, though a fairly small town it has brought forth two great aspiring pokemon trainers. These two trainers are begining their journies today...
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    A possible RP idea?

    What about an RP journey/school/ranger/whatever....but you RP in pairs? One person RPs as the trainer and one the pokemon. Of course you would only get one partner pokemon due to shortage of RPers. What do you think? Any suggestions? EDIT: For anyone interested please put if you would like to...
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    Possible Fic Idea? Suggestions Welcome

    The World We Once Knew (name?) No one really knew how, when, or even why it happened...but it did. Many years ago at the peak of society, when there was peace and advancement for all the human race, something happened. No one knows exactly what so all I can tell you is what the world is...
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    Contest CRAB FIGHT!!!!!!

    Which is the best lobster/crab based Pokémon? Only you can decide! Will it be.... The Original King O' Crabs: Kingler The Parasitic Terror: Parasect The Ruffian of The Seas: Crawdaunt Or The Terra-Crab: Crustle Who would win in a battle? Who has the best ability/DW ability? Who has the...