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    Pokémon Scramble

    Picked this up at /vp/, so let's see if we can get a Scramble Challenge thread going? Also, I would say that you should tell your progress in-game in this thread, but that's just a suggestion Was thinking of starting a FireRed run(after I finish Ruby, just have to take the E4...
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    Particles measured faster than the speed of light

    Particles measured faster than light, AP Speed-of-light experiments give baffling result at Cern Now, this need more confirmation, but if true, this could shake up our views on physics quite a bit, and certainly throw out Einstein's special theory of relativity. certainly hope they...
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    HMs, Any Use?

    Now, I'm pretty fed up with HMs, mostly because a lot of them are simply silly, annoying to drag around, and in most cases, add nothing to the gameplay except pure annoyance. The HMs that annoy me the most is Cut and Rock Smash. In most instances, they are basically the same, removing an...
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    Last time I asked, I got no real reply, so I thought it would be appropriate to ask again, especially since it happened today, and have happened several times before. I was on the forums, and I had to check something on Bulbapedia. However, for some strange reason, both Bulbapedia and the...
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    I found myself asking here. Some times when I'm on Bulbagarden and/or Bulbapedia, the connection just fails and I can't load either page for a long period of time. Is this some sort of problem with my computer or have anyone else experienced this? It's kinda annoying when the site stops...
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    Arceus, not only japanese

    Today, I read on another forum that an Arceus event is due to happen in the US. I'm not 100% sure of course, but the people that said this to me also made note of the Member's Card event long before it was coming (and then they assumed it was European only), so it might be correct. If correct...
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    Hi,I'm new at the Bulbagarden forums, though I've used bulbapedia for a while. Started playing pokémon with my sister (blue), and later gold. After a long break, i started playing again, and I'm currently playing diamond