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    I'm looking for a few Dawn Stones and Water Stones, if anyone is willing to part with some (prefer them NOT cheated for). Dawn Stones are more important than Water Stones, in this case. In exchange, I have an abundance of Fire Stones, Dusk Stones, Heart Scales, Shiny Stones, and Moon Stones...
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    Notice Your new overlord has the floor

    Ladies and gentlemen, a shift in the ranks. I have hereto resigned myself from my position here as forum head, and subsequently, Insanish Danish is the new captain. Once the staff drive is complete, she will not be the remaining staffer of Paradise. So obey here like you would me. ...You give...
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    Notice Non-Pokémon discussion

    The allowance of non-Pokemon threads had always been a grey area. ...Let's just toss that. First decree of the new year: threads on any non-Pokémon fandom 'shipping topic are now fully allowed. Try to make it fandom general (Glee 'ship discussion; Sherlock Holmes movie 'ship discussion...
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    Identifying two characters

    *you guys need a questions thread* So I'm looking at two characters I can't find any information on, but I'm banking on them coming from How I Became a Pokémon Card. Does /anyone/ know who Momiji and Hitoshi are?
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    COMPLETE: Dragon [poetry] (Everyone)

    Title: Dragon Fandom: Pokémon - Characters: Iris' Excadrill Rating: G Summary: Half-way through writing this, or maybe beforehand and that's why I wrote to being with...I don't remember anymore, BUT, I had an epiphany. Why does Iris have an Excadrill? Because it's a dragon, whether she...
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    Notice Shipping Holidays

    A friend of mine asked me, "Are there certain days that 'shippers consider 'special'?" I told her, "Yes, but I'm not sure which days they are. I will find out." So here is this thread. As a 'shipper, there are days you feel like celebrating. I know a couple threads have celebrated it in the...
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    What else do you 'ship? General Discussion

    While this has predominantly been a Pokémon-only forum, not everyone is just a Pokémon fan. They're more likely than not fans of other things, too. Other anime, manga, video games, TV shows, books, comics, and the rest of the FF.N categories. What else gets your gears going, in terms of...
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    Notice Oh hey, look at that

    There another mod!person dedicated to this section...who is actually supposed to be dedicated to it! Wasn't sure if I should do one of these, but it's sort of landmark, and someone might get confused otherwise ("Uhhhh, where did she come from?"). So, yes, you have a new sovereign robot overlord...
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    Notice Shippers' Forum Rules (amended: Jan 3, '12)

    The rules have been reconstructed to fit more in line with the new Rule/Infraction system recent put in place forum-wide. Please read those rules and these. Much love for Evil Figment in making this version simpler, while still encompassing everything from the last version. Questions are always...
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    Shipping Ficlet Archive thread

    Got something you wrote in one of the threads here? Need to find something you read? Hopefully, this can serve your purpose. As an archive, simply use this format: The need for both the names and the 'ship name is for searching purposes. We ask you to please include them. Optional tags are...