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  1. Daren

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I recall an image flying around complaining about DQ Hero being in, arguing that Geno is from a more popular game (more than the most influential JPRG) and is very important in said game (compared to the actual protagonist of the most influential JRPG). Smash fanbase can be silly. I imagine in...
  2. Daren

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    An eighth gen Pokémon for pack 2 seems likely. I'd like Rillaboom so we have a fully evolved Grass-starter to go with Greninja, Incineroar, and Charizard, but it's obviously not my decision to make. Won't happen but want to see: Doomguy. Even John Carmack agrees! I suspect Sora would be in if...