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  1. Incinerawr

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    If there are other characters left to be added to the roster, I'd like for Shadow to be playable, seeing as he's been an Assist Trophy since forever. Lord Ghirahim, if they ever added him, I would sticky main him and never go to anyone else. Still want K. Rool to crush the competition.
  2. Incinerawr

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Wolf is back. <3 Yisssss...
  3. Incinerawr

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I am SO excited for this!! Most people bought the Switch for Mario and Zelda, but I know this will be right up there in top tier. I want Wolf and Snake back, Ghirahim, K. Rool and Ridley. Some additions to the Sonic cast: Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, even Eggman. (Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings stole...