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    ImportantToYouShipping: (Blackbelt Frank/Psychic Sly)

    If anyone is unaware, this is the crack ship of the two NPC on Route 11 in XY. Pixiv really loves this pair and it got me into it (as a joke at first but we all know what happens when you ship things as a joke.....OTL)
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    Anyone like this ship? When playing this game I found Sycamore's opinion of Lysandre very shippy and the tons and tons of fanart made me ship it so hard! SPOILER
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    Do you have any Pokemon Anime headcanons?

    I'm pretty sure us passionate Pokemon Anime fans have some headcanons about the show! If you have any, you can post them here to share!
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    Marvel Universe General Shipping Discussion

    Now that it's allowed to have thread about non-Pokemon fandom ships, Here a thread for ship for the Marvel Universe! As in: Comics, Movies, and TV-shows! To start off: What is your Marvel OTP? Mine are quite obvious! and
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    COMPLETE: Fireworks - Mustardshipping(Ash/Kenyan) one-shot (Everyone)

    I haven't written a Pokemon fic for a while! I just got into the ship Mustardshipping and I wrote this little thing here! ----------------- In Vermillion City during the night of July 4th, the fireworks were going off. Kenyan and Ash were sitting on the Vermillion beach, enjoying the...
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    Mustardshipping(Ash/Kenyan) Thread

    Mustardshipping is the belief of Ash and Kenyan would be a good couple together! I saw a fanart of this ship on DA and I was hooked. It doesn't help that Kenyan is my newest favorite character in the Pokemon anime! Who else ships this!?
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    Yoshi's vocal covers!

    Alright since I have nothing better to do for my summer vacation, I might as well butcher sing my favorite songs, record them and post them here! I'll mostly do English and Japanese songs that I like! Please note that my Japanese covers may not be so good so bare with me....^^; Also I do this...
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    Who do you prefer, Dawn's Piplup or Ash's Oshawott?

    It's safe to say that Oshawott has taken the place for Piplup in the anime. They both have a lot of screen time and share the same color scheme. Who do you prefer?
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    HelsingShipping thread

    Anyone likes Helsingshipping(Marshal/Renbu x Grimsley/Giima)? It's one of my more recent ships as of late so I made this thread to discuss it with other shippers! Here's some fanart!
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    COMPLETE: Somnolence {Ironshipping One-shot; PG}

    A Birthday gift fic for Luna Hivern, mod of the shipping forum of BMGf! It's my first time writing for this ship so I hope I did it justice! -------------------------------- Byron walks into his house in Canalave City in the evening after a long training session on Iron Island and a...
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    Which Dub version of TRio do you prefer?

    4Kids!TRio or TPCi!TRio? Everyone knows that TRio are dubbed differently between companies and I was wondering which one do you prefer? When I say "Dubbed" I mean how they are translated/their dialogue. It has nothing to do with VAs.
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    Anyone here supports IronShipping(Tougan/Byron x Gen/Riley) here? I not so recently got into this ship and decided to make a thread for it here! Let's discuss the awesomeness of this ship!
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    What do you think about TRio in Best Wishes?

    Ever since Best Wishes aired, TRio(Musashi/Jessie, Kojirou/James and Nyarth/Meowth) had a major overhaul in their jobs as Team Rocket members. They're more serious and competent and they haven't blasted off at ALL. I believe it's a refreshing change for the better but others do not. Others...
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    COMPLETE: Ice Cream Date (ToxicBoltshipping Three-shot) PG-13

    Yeah...it's me again with another TBS fic, again. This plot bunny popped in my head in the middle of the night when reading the ToxicBoltshipping thread. After many headdesks and brainstorming, this what was spawned. I rather like it but it may have errors. Please inform me if you see any...
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    COMPLETE: Red Scarf of Fate (ToxicBoltShipping; BL; PG-13; One-shot)

    I worked really hard on this! It's a little meh but I hope you enjoy! ------------------------- Koga walked down the path that led to the Fuchsia City gym and his home. It's been over a month since he had last been here since he became part of the Elite Four. He'll call his daughter Janine...
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    PenguinShipping General Discussion

    Well since the other Penguin threads were closed, I decided to make a new one! Anyway In DP180 it was confirmed that this ship is one-sided canon on Kenny's side! What do you think!?
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    "Gotta Get A Gible" Review thread

    Gible and Barry made this episode great! Also the start of the Piplup abuse IN AMERICA!
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    For Want Of A Nail

    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ForWantOfANail Basically this is a "What if" thread for the Pokemon anime. Here's a couple of thoughts I had lately. 1) What if Tracey continued to follow Ash to his Johto journey? 2) What if May caught that Swablu? 3) What if Max caught...
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    Review S12 EP48: The Treasure Is All Mine!

    LOL at James having poor memory of something that extreme!
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    COMPLETE: Hiccups (ToxicBoltshipping) one-shot PG-13

    This was made for my friend to cheer her up. This is my first BL one-shot and romance story so It might not be good....but Enjoy! I don't own anything. ------------------------- It was a pretty normal afternoon in the Fuchsia City Gym. There were a few clouds in the sky and a nice...