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    Dynamic Levels

    What do you think about dynamic levels? Would this be a good thing in the Pokemon games? Dynamic levels means that the levels of enemies are relative to your own (highest or average) levels. Some areas may have a minimum level to make them more difficult. The pros of dynamic levels are...
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    Gyms based on themes rather than types

    What would you think of a gym based on a theme rather than a Pokemon type. The Gym Leader would for instance use Pokemon with other similarities than types, e.g. Pokemon that looks like space aliens. This would make the game difficult when it comes to finding a type to battle the gym with...
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    Mysterious guests at my forum

    I have 37 members on my forum, where only I and one more is left active. Why does this show up Most users ever online was 120 on Jul 17 2013, 07:54 PM They must be guests. Is it true that 120 guests visited my forum at the same time, or is it a hack? My forum is from invisionfree and has...
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    Why do Gen 1 Ghosts not learn Poison Gas?

    I posted this in the simple question thread, but didn't get any answer. I'm really curious of why the ghost Pokemon in Gen 1 do not learn Poison Gas, since they are poison type and gas-formed (at least the first stage). Does anyone have a theory about this?
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    A (probably stupid) thing that troubles me

    I was not sure where to post this, but I believe this thread to be short and locked after a while when it's not needed anymore. I hope I don't seem crazy when I say this, but I have been pondering about a paranoid thought for a whole year. It is probably very stupid. In April 2007 I started a...
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    Pocket Monsters: The Seijin Stones

    This is fanfic I wrote a long time ago. I think I also posted it here, but that thread must be dead and gone by now. Not wanting the story to get wasted, I decided to post it here again. The previous version had lots of bad grammar I've tried to fix, and I've also done other changes to improve...
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    Missingno in PM movie 5?

    I think a lot of people must have noticed this, but I've never heard anyone mention it. I have never encountered Missingno, so I didn't realise this at once. But in the 5th Pokemon movie, the one with Latias and Latios, there is a skeleton of Kabutops and Ptera/Aerodactyl. You know what I mean...
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    Dark Hole

    I've heard that Giratina comes from the Dark Hole. And in my game Darkurai knows an attack called "Dark Hole". I don't know if there is any connection. But if there is, what is the Dark Hole?
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    Pokemon names based on one single word

    There are a lot of names based on one single word. Some I think are good names, but some are boring since it's just one word. What do you think of these names. Examples are: Seel Gloom Raikou (lightning in Japanese) Golem Lizardo Cocoon Are these names a lack of ideas? I don't think...
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    Midori and Aka (maybe I'll come up with better title)

    Pokemon, Strange isn't it? Midorikawa thought back of the seven years of adventure he had had with his friends. Those times had been the best in his life. A journey together with those you liked, with those you trusted. He had never been left alone. Of course the journey had had its bad days...
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    Americanizing Japanese words

    What do you think when NoA (I think it was NoA) americanize (spelling?) the Japanese words in Pokemon? I don't like it. Examples of this is the Kai (ocean) in Kaiouga (or Kaiorga if you prefer), they spelled it Ky (pronounces the same, but anyway.) Or Kurai (dark) in Daakurai (or Darkurai if...
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    Mystery Dungeon to GBC

    Is there a Mystery Dungeon to Game Boy Colour? I think I saw one on Internet, but I could be wrong and now I can't find it anywhere. I also think someone said there was one to GBC. Does anyone know if there is a MD to GBC or not, and if there is why does no one ever talk about it?
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    Running time?

    What is the time length of Myuutsuu no Gyakushuu? I cannot find it anywhere and I would like to know. Just curious.
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    It looks so cool

    Hi, I don't know if there is any other thread for this, but I just have to say I like the site's new look. I like the colours so much and I hope they will keep it this way a long time before they change it again.
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    What is this?

    What is this? It doesn't look like my LeafGreen. And when you remove it from your DS with the power on, but not playing the GBA cartrigde, you lose your save file and cannot save any more.
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    What are the regions anyway? Different countries? If so, why are they so alike. To me it feels as if they have the same laws and everything. I may be wrong, because I have not watched the anime so much, just played the games. I just wonder, what is the difference between them? They are ruled by...
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    Pokemon and humans the same?

    I'm not entirely sure about this but I think there is a book inte the library in D/P that says a long time ago pokemon and humans married because they were of the same race. So, were humans pokemon too, or what does this mean?
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    Pokémon names

    Sometimes I have seen other monsters/characters in other games sharing the name of a Pokémon. I suppose this happens sometimes, that the same name can appear in a lot of games. For instance Lizardon is also a name of a monster in the remake of Seiken Densetsu to GBA. And the name Goroun is...
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    The Seijin Stones (have no better name for it)

    (I hope I havn't posted this before, but I couldn't find it. Any way this is an updated version) In the great city of Gintokai, at the centre of Regendia, the eight sages gathered in the Great Hall for their last council. One of them was Fushigi, the Sage of the Grass element, with his...
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    Pokémon Story

    In the great city of Gintokai, at the centre of Regendia, the eight sages gathered in the Great Hall for their last council. One of them was Fushigi, the Sage of the Grass element, with his emerald on his wooden staff, Hi, the Sage of Fire, with his ruby ring, and Kame, the Sage of Water, who...