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  1. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    LF: Keldeo and Volcanion

    Hello! I am looking for a Keldeo and a Volcanion (both legit, no hacks or clones). I can offer the following: SHINIES: *Shiny Spinda *Shiny Golbat *Shiny Tentacruel These three are probably legit. Then we also have: *Shiny Froakie with Protean (not sure if legit, but it has Outstanding...
  2. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    TEEN: Awesomenauts: Starstorm

    So, I decided to put up a new fanfic. This one is based on a a game named Awesomenauts made by Ronimo. Most characters and places including the main characters are from that game. And also part of the story is from there, since every character has their own backstory which I sometimes use. And...
  3. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Does Mega Evolutions mean that GF is getting out of ideas???

    I am sorry if this has been done before, but I dont think so and I am to lazy to search. But anyways, do you think that Megas is a sign of GF getting out of ideas for new pokes? There were only like 70 new mons this Gen. And like 30 Megas which is basically a remake on older pokemons. Will we...
  4. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    GEN VI: Gale Wings Fletchling and Harvest Phantump!

    I can offer an amount of HAs among them Tympole, Dedenne, Poliwag, Gligar, Goomy, and so on. Thanks!
  5. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    My first competitive team!

    Here we go: Gogoat @Leftovers/Big Root EVs: 252 Def, 252 HP, 4 Atk Ability: Sap Sipper Moves: Horn Leech Rock Slide Aerial Ace Bulk Up This is my main physical wall. I got advice before to use Lefties on Gogoat instead of Big Root so Leftovers will be his main item, if I get a good...
  6. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Speculation Amie, Super Training and Hordes?

    Will they include these three things from XY in ORAS? Discuss!
  7. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Will we see Looker here???

    Looker has appaered in D/P/P, BW and now in XY. Does this mean that we will see him in ORAS?
  8. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Contest Arceus vs Palpitoad

    Arceus is the most powerful poke ever. Palpitoad is a toad. Who looks best? Who would win? And who is more useful?
  9. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    How to use Smogon Rules(and a question about tiers)?

    I have been thinking and I wonder, where do you use the Smogon rules when playing competitively in X and Y. All these banned mons, and the sleep clause and all that stuff. In Free Battles at Battle Spot I have seen people with Mewtwo and such and Mewtwo is banned. So where do you use those...
  10. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Offering Shiny Venusaur

    So I have a shiny Venusaur that I do not want because it can not get Giga Drain. So if anyone wants it, just send a offer. My main wishlist is: Shiny Gogoat(Adamant or Impish) Shiny Aegislash Shiny Alakazam Shiny Dratini All shiny offers are welcome though. But do not get angry if I say...
  11. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Mega Venusaur without Giga Drain?

    Ok, here is the deal: I have a shiny Venusaur but Giga Drain is an egg move so the Venusaur does not have it and Giga Drain is an important move for Mega Venusaur! Can it have use without Giga Drain? Current moveset is: Sludge Bomb Leech Seed Energy Ball Sleep Powder
  12. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Can you use Palpitoad in competitive battles?

    I saw one guy ask the same question but with Quilava. Since Palps is my favorite I will ask it about him. Can I use him in any way?
  13. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Ashs Palpitoad vs Mistys Politoed

    Both are toads belonging to main characters. Who would win in a battle?
  14. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    GEN VI: Looking for Drizzle Politoed!

    Hi! I need a Drizzle Politoed. I can offer: HAs: Solar Power Charmander Plus Dedenne Water Absorb Tympole Gooey Goomy Magician Fennekin Protean Froakie
  15. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    How good is Azumarill?

    Many people say it is good and it gets used a lot. Is it really as good as many people say?
  16. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Should Pikachu evolve?

    I searched for a thread like this and I did not find one, so sorry if there already is one. Anyways do you think he should and what would be the pros, cons of an evolutin for him?
  17. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    GEN VI: Need Heracross!

    Tell me what you want and I will see if I have. Really need it!
  18. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    Best set for an Amoonguss?

    I got a shiny one and I want to use it. It has good attack but Amoonguss is not a physical attacker, right? Can someone give me advice about how to use her good in wifi battles?
  19. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    GEN VI: Venusaur Mega Stone, please!

    Anyone have one they do not want? Because I need one. I can offer X exclusives(and Skrelp), all Kanto and Kalos starters, Pokerus and some HAs: Tympole Charmander Fennekin Froakie Stunfisk Dedenne Cubone And as a bonus, you can get a Chespin. I have many.
  20. Supreme Leader Palpitoad

    HA pokemon for shinies!

    I am offering HA: *Tympole: Water Absorb *Fennekin: Magician *Charmander: Solar Power *Torchic: Speed Boost *Froakie: Protean *Wobbufett: Telepathy *Drowzee: Inner Focus *Cubone: Battle Armor *Phanpy: Sand Veil *Dedenne: Plus *Stunfisk: Sand Veil I will accept any shiny. Thanks! List will...