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  1. AiedailEclipsed

    Avatar upload glitch

    When I go to re-upload my avatar, it logs me out for some reason. For the exact sequence: I go into the my personal details screen. Click the avatar area Go into the upload screen and select. The XenForo processing ticker comes up in the upper right hand corner. And the page refreshes --...
  2. AiedailEclipsed

    vBulletin 5

    Do you seriously want to use (much less, spend money on) the cluster fuck that is vB5? For those who aren't aware, there is currently a demo forum out for the beta (that naming is a joke, really; this is more of a pre-alpha than anything). For the interested parties, this is what you can...
  3. AiedailEclipsed

    Recipe Resources

    So, guys, where did ya'll get your recipes from? Your grandma's rusty metal Peanuts recipe case? Epicurious? Personally, I get mine from a combination out of the above. If I'm looking for some fancier stuff, I go with Epicurious, but if I just want a simple family recipe, I go with the...
  4. AiedailEclipsed

    COMPLETE: Aie's Miscellaneous Literary Works (New Poem: Memories of a Dance)

    Kay, so, I've been contemplating posting a thread for my odd little works that I create now, and then. I don't particularly want to create fifty thousand threads for different things, so I'm consolidating any of my existing threads into this one. And to keep things organized, I'm going to keep...
  5. AiedailEclipsed

    Any ideas to improve the Roleplaying Games forum?

    Hey guys! I'm just curious but does anyone (excluding Hopsy) have any ideas to improve the Roleplaying Games forum? ~ BRD Staff
  6. AiedailEclipsed

    For those that haven't seen...

    We've selected our new staff~! Mods Hide in Plain Sight Emp Infernal_King (aka Hell's_Devil_Warrior) Game Managers X Resistance Apollo's Caterpie Trainer17 Chocolate Bones Giovanna Rockeet Game Managers are pretty muchly mods, without the Mod permissions and perks such...