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    BBC Multi Battles!

    Hi guys, I was noticing the other day that we've been talking a lot about inverse battles, but gen 6 also brought us another real cool way to battle... the multi battle. I want to get back to the meat and potatoes of the battle center. Instead of asking you a question or starting another thread...
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    GEN VI: Looking for a Timid, 5 IV Rotom

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a timid, 5 IV rotom. I'd like the IVs to be everything but Attk. I can offer various 5 IV pokemon in return. Those being: Charmander Squirtle Bulbasaur Skiddo Helioptile Gabite w/ HA Chimchar w/ HA Drillbur w/ HA Mareep Dratini w/ HA I have...
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    0 spe IV Ferroseed

    I need a O spe IV ferroseed for a breeding project, but i can't seem to find any. If anyone has a spare ill trade some 5 IV pokemon for it. Help would be greatly appreciated. Im offering 5 IV Bagon 5 IV Gastly
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    The Elite Tournament

    I have decided to do a new tournament due to the success of my last. So pretty much the same set up will apply, but i will be adding a few new things. that being said here's the rules. -All Smogon OU standard rules (Clauses and Banlists (B/W) - Smogon University) -No legendary pokemon this...
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    BBL PoTW #7 Dragonite

    BBL PoTW #7 Dragonite It's Dragonite b***h! One of the premier physical attackers in B/W OU is back with a vengeance. So without further adieu lets see how to tame your dragonite. In Depth Look Dragonite Type: Dragon/Flying Abilities: Inner Focus, Multi Scale Stats: 91/134/95/100/100/80...
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    The BadAss Tournament.

    What's up guys? I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but until recently haven't had the time. Now that I do I'd like you to participate in the BadAss Tournament! Here's the rules. -All Smogon OU standard rules (if not familiar/ Clauses and Banlists (B/W) - Smogon University ) -No...
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    How's my team?

    [email protected] Leftovers Careful Synchronize 252 HP,252 SpD, 4 Attk Wish Bite Yawn Protect Due to the fact I can't use Foul Play/Heal Bell I came up with this. This is my Specially Defensive core and takes a lot of hits. Wish and protect help it keep health while yawn fazes out threats...
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    BBL PoTW #5 Blastoise

    BBL PoTW #5 Blastoise So this week I decided to do my favorite pokemon! This is one I'm sure is close to many of our hearts. What does Blastoise bring to the table I'm gen six? Well let's find out! In Depth Look Blastoise Type: Water Abilities: Torrent, Rain Dish, Stats...
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    BBL: Weekly Analysis #3 ~ Infernape

    BBL PoTW #3 Infernape After doing a Pokemon that isn't as commonly used. I decided to jump to the top of the tiers (well almost the top) OU! And this pokemon is......Infernape I would make a Fire/Fighting joke but it's no laughing matter. Pokemon with this type have great criteria and...
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    Modest Dialga and Adamant Arceus wanted for event legends and legends

    Hi guys! I'm working on finishing an Ubers team. I need a modest Dialga and a adamant Arceus to finish it. I'm offering a variety of legends all of which are 100% authentic. I'm offering the following -Shiny Dialga -2 Shiny Palkia -Jirachi -Shaymin -Manaphy -Groudon -Meleotta These...
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    BBL: Weekly Discussion #2 Ampharos

    BBL PotW #2 Ampharos So what does this awesome yellow sheared sheep bring to the table in gen 6? A lot actually with buffed stats and a mega evo good old amphy is certainly worth considering for a team. So people lets take a journey! In Depth Look Ampharos Type: Electric Abilities...
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    GEN VI: Seeking a perfect iv relaxed Ferroseed

    I need a perfect Ferroseed for a team I'm making but I can't easily breed one. I have some perfect gible and zubat to trade. But I could also breed you something depending on what you want. The ferrothorn's special attack and speed can suck. Thanks! EDIT: I'd prefer for the speed ivs to be 0...
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    GEN VI: I need your help getting seedot and numel

    Hi guys as the title suggests I need some help. I'll be leaving on a trip tomorrow and plan on doing some breeding. I need numel and seedot to finish a few projects. This is where you come in I don't have much to trade but I'll get you what I can. Just don't expect much I need them tonight and...
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    Who wants a shiny!

    So I was in the friend safari and caught a shiny throh. Problem is I hate throh with a passion. So I'm offering it up to a new home who will actually like it. I'm open to good iv trades but I'd prefer shiny for shiny. Just get this thing out of my sight. It's stats Naive nature Ivs in sp...
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    GEN VI: Charizardite x for Charizardite y plus perfect pokemon

    I want a physically attacking Charizard so I figured id try to get the Charizardite x. I have some perfect pokemon I can breed plus the Charizardite y. Hit me up if interested either by message or reply
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    GEN VI: Looking for a modest clauncher

    I need a modest clauncher for my team. I have Y so I'd be willing to trade any version exclusive or anything I can.
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    Offering Shiny legit metagross

    I'm offering my Metagross up because I'd like to finish my OU team. I'm looking for a DWF Shrooomish. I have some other DWFs I can trade as well. If interested I'd be overjoyed to trade with you
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    Looking for DWF Shroomish

    I really need a DWF Shroomish to finish my OU team. I have many legendaries to trade as well as some DWF to trade. Please someone get back to me.
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    DWF Gligar seriously needed

    I need A Gligar for competive. I will trade anything I can for it. Please if you have an extra contact me.(CLOSED)
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    Offering Dialga,female Seedot(DWF),Zorua, And shiny Garados

    I'd like a Shroomish,Gligar, or Swinub female DW. For them comment if interested!