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  1. Venom

    Looking for recent event flying surfing pikachu (with both moves on one)

    Probably a long shot but hey doesn't hurt to ask I can pretty much breed any 5 IV pokemon you want I also have a lot of events. Let me know what you want and see if we can come to an arrangement.
  2. Venom

    GEN VI: ability capsule

    So I breed my first perfect pokemon since I lost all my data unfortunately it has the wrong ability. So A) I can either try to breed another one with the right ability and hope for the same luck... unlikely... B) battle through the battle mansion half a dozen times C) ask to see if someone has...
  3. Venom

    IV breed Croagunks to good homes.

    Ok so I was IV breeding a team for a former friend but well long story short we are no longer friends. I was working on IV breeding a Croagunk and did get a great one but that leaves me with several good ones that need a good home. While my former friend's pokemon is not up for grabs ( If that...
  4. Venom


    It's my Bulbaversary Six years ago I finally posted on this forum after months of just watching everyone discus the pokemon games, the anime and the real world. Six years with you people... So many friends ... Over 7,000 trades. So since it's my bulbaversary so that means gifts... for you I...
  5. Venom

    DWF Dratini that need a good home

    I have been trying to breed myself an adamant Dratini with at least 31 IV's in 4 specific stats and had no luck, but you guys get to reap the rewards of my failure. I am giving away all the adamant female Dratini's I have hatched so far. Currently I have 5 to give. All are level 1 UT all have 31...
  6. Venom

    How many ribbons have you ever received on a single pokemon?

    I am not particularly fond of pokemon contests or ribbions in general but when I get board I will collect them. Last night I finally got all the Sinnoh contest ribbons on my mystery Mew. He now has a total of 57 ribbons. I was wondering how many ribbons have you collected on a single pokemon?
  7. Venom

    Wifi Room Changes ?

    I just went into the wifi room in platinum and it looks different.
  8. Venom

    Using the microphone to talk to people over wifi

    I have to know how many people know that you can use the microphone to talk to people over wifi? Because I have traded with about twenty people over my wifi connection and most don’t say a word and when I say hi I seem to startle them.