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    GEN VI: Shiny Dragalge

    Offering shiny Dragalge pokemon I'm looking for :Shiny houndour, honedge, tyrunt, goomy.
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    Hello again

    Somehow I remembered my username and password for this site. I haven't been here in two years. Well hello again, I used to go by kalishnakov here, figured I should my name. Anyway, x and y have me amped again, hopefully some of my old friends will say hello, and maybe I can make some new ones.
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    Legendary yet to be revealed

    With pokemon sunday just days away and the promise of a new legendary to be revealed, what do you think it will be/resemble? I am hoping for a member of the regional trio. ( like the birds, beasts etc.) What do you guys think? Btw I tried to find a thread like this but to no avail, if there...