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    My random fingerstyle guitar videos

    I haven't posted anything in a while, so I thought why not post my guitar videos. Guren no Yumiya (aka Attack on Titan OP 1), by Linked Horizon, arranged by me. Note: The audio and video quality are kinda bad, but I couldn't do much with limited time in a loud college dorm...
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    So I have a friend who's about to complete her Pokédex on White 2, and she's missing Shaymin. Would anyone trade one to her? She'll trade it back immediately (she's weird and only want to see them all XD).
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    Trying to build a crazy team, help?

    Now, don't burst out laughing, I know it's probably a bad idea. Can anyone think of a way to make a Pikachu survive long enough to reach a Sp. Atk of 796? In other words, a Nasty Plot boost while holding a Light Ball. Of course, the team would be made to support Pikachu, but I really suck at...