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  1. Berrenta

    Bulbagarden Halloween 2015

    Bulbagarden Halloween 2015 Welcome, one and all, to our annual Halloween Thread! Please refer to the below guidelines before posting: If you wish to seek help on linking your sockpuppet account to your main account, please contact either of these staff members: Baf; Araragi-hakase...
  2. Berrenta

    GEN VI: Seeking Starf Berry

    As the title implies, I am seeking a Starf Berry. Holder does not matter. Post here what you want in return, and if I have it, we can trade. FC and IGN info are in my signature. Thanks in advance.
  3. Berrenta

    Pointless warnings

    Saw this in another forum, and I don't see any forum games similar to this one, so I decided to start it here. Basically, you post a pointless warning for the item in the above post. Then, post an item for the next person. Example: And so on. Standard forum rules apply (try to keep...
  4. Berrenta

    GEN VI: Seeking Houndoomite [closed]

    As the title says, I am seeking a Houndoomite. In exchange, I can offer the following: Venusaurite, Charizardite X, Blazikenite, Garchompite, Tyranitarite, or Manectite. Please post below with which stone you want. Edit: Got an offer via PM.
  5. Berrenta

    3 5IV Smeargle

    I am currently offering 3 male Smeargle. Each have the IV spread 31/x/31/31/31/31. However, each have differing Natures. One is Gentle, one is Timid, and one is Bashful. Post here or send me a PM with your desired Nature from the list. Be aware that I don't clone. Current status: All 3...
  6. Berrenta

    Dream Radar and Evo Stone overload

    When doing Dream Radar, I find a lot of excess Pokémon. Currently I am offering the following. Each Pokémon listed has its hidden ability and is level 40. (res) indicates those that are reserved and awaiting delivery. 3 Swablu (all M) Natures: Male: Sassy, Impish, Docile 3 Riolu (2 M, 1 F)...
  7. Berrenta

    Your "What the....?" moments!

    Since we have threads for moments good ("yes"), bad ("ffuuuuuu"), and embarassing mistakes, I thought I would start one for those crazy and weird moments, as I'm not finding any threads on it. Got any *facepalm* or wtf moments to share? To start this off, I just bred a Riolu for in case Black...
  8. Berrenta

    Various DW Pokémon and Bred Pokémon

    I am currently offering the following: Asterisk indicates those that are reserved and are awaiting pick up. What's left as of 12/27 Oshawott (m) Knows Brine, named Shigeru, is Bashful natured and strongly defiant (above avg, 30 SD) Volbeat (DW) Prankster, knows Trick, is Docile natured and...