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  1. Fairy Type Arceus

    Spoilers Are Zacian and Zamazenta dead?

    In the games when you first find them attacks phase through them, and they look battle worn. In one of the tapestries the two kings are looking at tombstones with a sword and shield on them, and when you summon them light comes from two rocks behind the shrine like their spirits are revived from...
  2. Fairy Type Arceus

    What if gamefreak stopped making pokemon games

    Imagine if gamefreak finally decides to end pokemon soon. Lets say they get tired of the games and decide gen 9, with pokemon number 1000 they finish the series. Now before you say they Would never because money, there is such a thing as writers fatigue, toriyama despite making millions on...
  3. Fairy Type Arceus

    Could Gamefreak have figured out how to make gold and sliver transfer to ruby and sapphire?

    As we all know the gen 2 games can't connect with the gen 3 games which sparked frlg which sparked the whole remake trail we've found ourselves on. My question is were game freaks hands really tied? If GSC can transfer to gen 7 games why not gen 3 games? The gameboy advance was backwards...
  4. Fairy Type Arceus

    The replacement of Red and Blue?

    So as we saw from the tree house playthrough our rival has been replaced by Trace and clearly the trainer character isn't Red, now this remake is feeling off. If it for nostalgia why replace the most iconic rival with any friendly guy? Is gamefreak worried that Blue seems to much like a...
  5. Fairy Type Arceus

    USUM story question

    Ok so the ultra recon squad came to alola for help stopping necrozma, I get that. But how do they not have any light? They still have their solgaleo/lunala to travel ultra space with. How does Necrozma stealing them steal the light? Does each world need a solgaleo/Lunala to have light?
  6. Fairy Type Arceus

    GSC VC console shinies, no longer rare?

    So as we know GSC has come back on the VC and you can shiny hunt these ones, as if thats not bad enough you can clone these shinies. (Also poor gyrados its only rare shiny form in shiny Moxie Gyrados has been taken aswell xD) Yes not everyone will shiny hunt, but with the cloning method, but...
  7. Fairy Type Arceus

    The living pokedex

    Hey everyone. So I went through the pain in he butt that is creating a living Pokedex. This project started in XY but back then it was to have a compltec Dex not living dex. The difference is that you don't keep the Pokemon you trade for Dex entrys. In oras I expanded it to living Dex, in sm I...
  8. Fairy Type Arceus

    TEEN: Pokemon Rainbow Version-Chapter 1

    In the pokemon multiverse many realities exist, one where mega evolution exists, one where it does not. Opposite of those two resides a version of the same events but where the protagonist for some reason or another did not stop the evil leaders of their universe, leading to the downfall of...
  9. Fairy Type Arceus

    Spoilers Rainbow Rocket and the 4 timelines

    We now have 4 time lines "Hero wins" Non mega "Hero Loses" non mega "Hero Wins" Mega "Hero Loses" Mega So in order for these guys to be from timelines where we lost that means only their team succeeded in their own timelines. Timeline where Archie/Maxie win: Sinnoh Unova Kalos and etc get...
  10. Fairy Type Arceus

    GEN VII: Has 5 marshadow codes looking for shiny legends in return

    I have 7 marshadoe codes ( and one marshadow I've redeemed already so 8 really) and I'm looking for Shiny ho-oh Shiny Lugia Shiny reshirham Shiny zekrom Shiny kyuurem Any other shinies you may have but ask if I have em first
  11. Fairy Type Arceus

    Gamefreaks New schedule decoded

    I think I decoded how Gamefreaks new schedule works, ever since gen 5 anyway. Basically now instead of 5 games a generation (Ex. Ruby Sapphire Fire red leaf green and emerald) we get 4 games which alternate each generation. Gen 5 Bw Bw2 (Main series and alternate/sequel of main series) Gen...
  12. Fairy Type Arceus

    Why do some people think oras is the worst remake?

    Disclaimer not gonna sit here and bull**** you saying oras was the perfect Pokemon game, it wasn't it held your hand for a large majority of the game with trainers teleporting you where you needed to go. Lacked a battle frontier or most features introduced in emerald, and comes up short with its...
  13. Fairy Type Arceus

    EVERYONE: Pokemon Black Emerald

    E for everyone atm I wanted to base a story on a theory I made sometime back hopefully it ends up decent :p Index: prologue: This post Chapter 1: coming soon Prologue: mysterious attack. Several years since the events of Pokemon emerald, many strange happenings have occurred in Hoenn...
  14. Fairy Type Arceus

    [Spoilers] Multiple Pokemon Universes Theory

    Spoilers for those of you who have not finished S&M May have gone to deep for this one but humor me :p Anabel aside from looking fine as hell now Returns in Sun and Moon and unlike the other cameos she has a little story plot to herself, she lost her memories ten years ago and randomly...
  15. Fairy Type Arceus

    Possible dlc

    Do you guys think we have a chance for dlc this gen? if so what could we see? Possible extra battle tree characters Story for necorozoma Extra outfits (depending on outfit could be free) Mega stones that are missing (free dlc otherwise gamefreak is being a jerk)etc
  16. Fairy Type Arceus

    Speculation Nintendo switch and pokemon

    So it turns out the next handheld and home console is one in the same, sowe can assume generation 8 will release on this console by 2020. What do you think a generation 8 game on the switch might look like? The switch is said to not be backwards compatible so no 3ds games can be in it or Wii u...
  17. Fairy Type Arceus

    Speculation Pokemon natures

    We see these nature's all the time and while normally only apply for stats and competitive useage it would be nice if the nature determined some aesthetic purposes Like if the pokemon is timid it will hesitate before attacking or maybe the ball will land and not open at first but slowly pop...
  18. Fairy Type Arceus

    How to Fix the GTS

    What I think they should do is a ranking system You can only trade for pokemon of a similar or lower ranking depending on value in those games. For example Ratatta would be rank 1 you can ask for any other pokemon in Rank 1 of any level Starters would be rank 2-4 depending on evolution stage...
  19. Fairy Type Arceus

    Bulbapedia Wrong trivia

    Hoenn - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia In the trivia for hoenn it states its the only region to have two day cares, this is of course counting the day care added in or/as. In which case the day care added to fire red and leaf green in the sevii islands gives kanto two day...
  20. Fairy Type Arceus

    Pokemon Hula dancing mini game?

    Know what would be a cool idea? If we had a mini game where we hula dance along with our pokemon ( bipedal only or whatever restriction is in) and you have to time your and your pokemons movements to line up with button presses or something. I know that sounds like sinnohs contests with the...