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  1. Toddler Naruto

    EVERYONE: [Request] Conan Edogawa Mental Regression Story

    Will someone here please write a story for me, where Jimmy's/Shinichi's mind regresses to that of a toddler, when that black organization drug regresses his physical body to a six year old (a.k.a. Conan), and Rachel/Ran adopts him from the police station's daycare center and cares for him like...
  2. Toddler Naruto


    Where would be the best place, to request for a non-pokemon related fanfic to be written, on this forum?
  3. Toddler Naruto

    Ask Toddler Naruto Anything thread

    Don't ask me why I decided to start a thread like this but I figured it would be fun and a challenge to answer questions from members here at the forums, just keep it clean and PG rated at the very most so that nothing has to be deleted or locked. But seriously, go ahead and ask away, I have...
  4. Toddler Naruto

    Hello ^_^

    Heya there guys & gals, I'm new to these forums, but not with the Pokemon fandom. You can call me Ryan if you want, and I've been into Pokemon ever since I watched the first episode of series 1 on Kids WB! back in 1998 (I was 9 years old back then, I'm 22 now). I unfortunately did lose...