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    Mafia Attack on Titan Mafia [Day 4: Horror Pop] [8/1]

    Attack on Titan Mafia Hosted by Catspring; Plot Approximately 107 years ago, humanity faced a new threat: Titans. They were much larger than humans, and wiped out most of the population. The survivors built three walls - Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina - to keep...
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    Mafia Oakwood Mafia 2 [NIGHT 2: Darkness] [3/14/13]

    Oakwood Mafia 2 Hosted by Nepeta Leijon; They thought they had gotten rid of the threat to the town. As the last scumbag was arrested and thrown in jail, the citizens of Oakwood breathed a huge sigh of relief, believing that their beloved city was now safe. However, they...
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    Mafia Puella Magi Madoka Mafia [ENDGAME] [1.12.13]

    Puella Magi Madoka Mafia by Atomic; and Midorikawa; Plot: Rules: Players: Phase Changes:
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    Mafia Oakwood Mafia [11-6-12] [ENDGAME - Town Victory!]

    Oakwood Mafia Hosted by Atomic; In the shadows of the large city of Oakwood, shady members of an organization have been gathering. Not much is known about these people, as they rarely appear to the public, but it is known that they are cruel and ruthless and...
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    There's a glitch...

    I tried to change my usertitle to "so done with u" but it ended up changing my username instead? If someone could change my username back to Atomic, that'd be appreciated. I have no idea how this happened.
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    Mafia Unova Mafia [ENDGAME - Mafia Victory!] [9.14.12]

    Hosted by America*; Thanks to Joltik for the banner! Plot Rules (please read before joining)
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    Mafia Warrior Cats Mafia [ENDGAME - The Dark Forest and AlaskaPigeon wins!] [8.15.12]

    WARRIORS MAFIA Hosted by America* A long time ago, the forest was at peace and all the Clans lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Dark Forest attacked. The heroes are led by Firestar, the brave and spirited...
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    TEEN: In the Light [Non-Pokemon]

    Welcome to Peredia, a future dystopian society. Peredia covers the vast expanse of land once known as the Americas. To control the population, the Government has created a new law - anyone they deem imperfect will be killed on the spot. People barely leave their homes, and when they do, they are...
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    Chibi Lineless Pokemon Avatars

    Yup, I'm in the drawing mood and these are quick and fun to make. I'm making avatars for everyone who asks. Examples: I have the right to refuse any request if the Pokemon is too difficult or I don't have the time. You don't have to give me credit, but if someone asks who made it, don't lie...
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    Hurt & Heal - Starters

    It's time for the showdown of the starters... Each starter starts out with 25 points. You may take a point away from a Pokemon and give it to another. Once a Pokemon reaches 0 points, it is removed from the competition. Please do not do this twice on the same page. Bulbasaur: 25...
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    Armies [Endgame] [7.24.12]

    Welcome to the clash of the Armies! The Blue Army, Red Army, and Green Army have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. Now, the final battle has begun. Each army is piled high with weapons and ready to go. The recruiters sneak around at night, coaxing people to join their army...
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    Contest Purrloin vs. Poochyena

    vs. I've decided to pit these two Pokemon against each other because they have many similarities and differences. Both can be captured early on in the game. Both are Dark-type. Both have one evolution. One is a feline and one is a canine. So, in your opinion, which one is...
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    Username Change Glitch?

    I've been trying to change my username to America* (it's been more than 28 days since my last change) and it won't let me :/ is this a glitch? I posted a blog but there were no serious answers, so I took it here.
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    Mafia Warrior Cats Mafia [Sign-ups open!]

    Hosted by Eifi and GengarWithSunglasses; This is based off the book series, Warriors (also called Warrior Cats in some countries). A group of cats, ThunderClan, lives together in the forest. However, threats are rising out of the Dark Forest... each cat brings something special to the arena...
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    Lake of Rage [ENDGAME]

    Welcome to the Lake of Rage. Here are the homes of many Magikarp and Gyarados. There will be 15 slots in this game. There are only three roles; Magikarp - The most common role. Magikarp can splash one person during the night. Splashing does nothing, but if you splash a Gyarados, you die...
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    Ash's Snivy vs. Ash's Bulbasaur

    Title says it all. Ash's first grass starter vs. Ash's current grass starter. Which one do you like best? Which one has a better personality? Which would win in a battle?
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    Contest Seviper vs Serperior

    VS It's a battle between two snakes, both with stunning, colorful designs. Which one do you prefer? Which one has the better design? Which one is more useful? Which one would win in a battle?
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    RMT - 5th gen OU

    This probably isn't a very good team, as I have little experience making teams ; - ; I've won some battles with this team, though, so it can't be THAT terrible... Trinity (Espeon) (F) @ Leftovers Trait: Magic Bounce EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Shadow Ball -...
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    Would anyone be interested in reading this?

    I was thinking of writing a fanfiction called Pokemon Rebirth (suggestions for a new/longer title appreciated). Seventy years after Ash's journey, a mysterious mist has spread across the world. It has wrapped itself around the regions, and no one can make it through. They are unable to reach...
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    Dark Storm Rising

    Note: The ONLY other place I am posting this story is my deviantArt. So if you see it anywhere else, that's plagiarism. Table of Contents Chapter One (below) Dark Storm Rising Chapter One From deep in the Earth To far in the sky A dark force will rise And shake Sinnoh to its...