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  1. Master Yiseeks

    MATURE: Hand of the Onekata

    AN: Some backstory. I've recently rewatched Mirai Nikki, and I've forgotten just how much i loved it. I went looking for some fanFiction for it, couldn't find much notable ones other than Knights Diary and one about Third. I went on TvTropes, and there was a mention of a fic called Guardian of...
  2. Master Yiseeks

    Speculation Floette-E possible event/usability

    Seryu here, a few days spent having used Eternal Flower Floette (Also known as AZ's Floette, Floette-E) in my run-through of Omega Ruby. It's a pretty powerful pokemon, having stats of 74/65/67/125/128/92, and a BST just 1 point lower than Florges. It also has its own signature move, Light of...
  3. Master Yiseeks

    GEN VI: AS exclusive Legendaires, Ditto, Special Shedinja

    I have quite the list today folks...here's what I need; Zekrom Thundurus Dialga Lugia Kyogre Perfect IV Ditto (don't care if hacked, cloned, named poopnozzle, whatever.) Perfect IV Shedinja that knows Swords Dance (so a Gen III era Shedinja, again I don't care if it's cloned or hacked.)...
  4. Master Yiseeks

    How do villainous Teams start up?

    Just as the title says. I'm currently writing a pokemon story (Slightly based off of The Usual Suspects) where the entire story is basically the interrogation of an Admin(secretly boss) of a Vigilante-esque group. Now, how exactly do you think the teams in canon were formed? Did they post...
  5. Master Yiseeks

    GEN VI: Event Keldeo/Genesect

    Hello, everyone! I'm looking for a Event Keldeo and an Event Genesect. I don't care if they're clones, as I can't really trade any good stuff...I have HA Froakie, HA Chespin, and HA Fennekin to offer.
  6. Master Yiseeks

    Duel Academy (Me, Sleeping Giant, and Tanuki)

    Alright everyone! Let's put a basic rundown of our characters: Name: Aru Kagami Age: (Dunno, around 16 or so? How old are they in the show?) Gender: Male, last time he checked. Appearance: Personality: The personification of being carefree, Aru enjoys relaxing and tits, though he has...
  7. Master Yiseeks

    Interest Check-Naruto

    Alright, so I've been thinking of a Naruto RP for quite awhile, and since Naruto ended I've decided to retry it. I think we could do it a long way into the future; this way, we can mostly leave out canon characters, which will allow our characters to take a main role. There may be a plot, of...
  8. Master Yiseeks

    MATURE: Kill the Mask

    A brown haired man stood in the middle of a snow covered village, a jacket wrapped around him. He occasionally adjusted it, showing to an particularly observant person that he was not native to the region. He watched as a small boy, the same brown hair as his own, run around the village square...
  9. Master Yiseeks

    Less activity...

    Does the RP section look sorta...less active than it used to? I remember when there were tons of Sign-ups and Start-ups active here...
  10. Master Yiseeks


    Alright, so here it is. Have you read up on the groups available, Tanuki? To clarify, we have- PSIcom (Figure this would be good.) Guardian Corps NORA Civilian Residents from Pulse. Personally, I'm doing PSIcom.
  11. Master Yiseeks

    Famed Mimic's Offering

    Hello, Everyone! I offer Protean Froakie, Bulletproof Chespin, and Ocean Vivilon. I don't care if the pokemon you give me are hacked or egg raised, just as long as you got something good to give me. I'm also willing to trade a Yveltal for Xerneas.
  12. Master Yiseeks

    GEN VI: HA Bunnelby

    Bunnelby with it's hidden ability Huge Power. I can offer Bulletproof Chespin, Protean Froakie, and Ocean Vivilon.
  13. Master Yiseeks

    GEN VI: Pinsirite and hidden ability Fennekin

    Looking for Pinsirite and Hidden Ability Fennekin. I can offer Protean Froakies and Bulletproof Chespins, and Ocean Vivilion.
  14. Master Yiseeks

    Interest Check-Naruto

    How many of you guys would be open to a New Era Naruto RP? Something that takes place during Naruto's kids generation, new threats, maybe something from the Western Nations? We can probably make it mainly a sort of 'Life' RP and keep the missions and such on the side, or whatever.
  15. Master Yiseeks

    TEEN: Oblivion (Ch 2 up)

    He was born in the Land of Fire. Or at least, that was what he had been told. He could not remember the early years of his life, and he had no parents to tell him otherwise. All he had was the Yondaime, with pale skin and long black hair, and eyes like a snake. Orochimaru took care of him...
  16. Master Yiseeks

    Final Fantasy RP

    Alright Sleeping Giant, and whatever username Z is going by now. Just put a basic rundown on your character i.e personality, job class, age, gender, anything else you find important. You should only have one main party member, but feel free to make sidequest characters. We'll make the story as...
  17. Master Yiseeks

    TEEN: Rebirth (Naruto Fanfic)

    Hello, everyone! It's me, Madara Uchiha, formerly KenshinAkagi. I've decided to post my newest Naruto on Bulbagarden. Brief warning, though, before we start. This story will be much darker later on, dealing with war, death, and brief mentions of Rape. I'll, of course, edit some of it to be...
  18. Master Yiseeks

    HA Froakie, HA Chespin, Ocean Vivilon, charmander.

    Hello, everyone! I can breed HA Froakies, Chespin. I also live in Hawaii, so I can get Ocean Vivilion. My sister has been breeding Charmander in an attempt to get a shiny, so I have nearly sixty of them. All I ask for in return is either: Gardevorite, Shiny female Ralts, Charizardite X, or a...
  19. Master Yiseeks

    Genesect's creation?

    I have to say that Genesect is one of my favorite Legendaries, but I've always wondered how close it was to Team Plasma. I know that Team Plasma revived and modified it, but why? A backup plan for Ghetsis, maybe? And what was it before? Some people say it was a Kabutops, but if you read one of...
  20. Master Yiseeks

    Start Ups Journey through Unova! (Start UP)

    Agent_K; Lucius; Midorikawa; Chris jumped out of his bed as his clock rang, rushing to put on his clothes. He had forgotten to set the timer to eight, and he was now an hour late. Chris packed his bag full of magazines, than ran down stairs to eat breakfast. Seeing his mom at the table, he...