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    I feel miserable...

    Yesterday I had surgery (first time ever for having surgery) inside my nose. My nose hurt like crazy and my throat was also really sore. Today, not only are my nose and throat hurting, my entire body is in a lot of pain and I'm coughing up mucus and blood, as well as vomiting. I've been...
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    Goku AMV

    I just made a DBZ - Goku/Kakarot Tribute AMV. Goku Tribute - YouTube The song is Troubled Heart by Kutless. I've made a couple other amv's but I deleted one of them and the other one is on a different account (I forgot the login to it). If you're interested in seeing the other one I made...
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    Subscribing Threads

    Hey, I used to be able to subscribe to threads on here but it won't let me anymore and some of the threads I had subscribed to aren't subscribed anymore. Is anyone else having this same problem?
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    What do you think about...

    An adult version of Pokemon? I don't mean like porn Pokemon, but like, your character is an adult, you can have jobs (professor, trainer, breeder, gym leader, etc), maybe have special relationships with other characters, etc. There could be some blood in the battling. Maybe even raise a...
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    Good News...and Bad News

    Okay, I think this is where this thread goes, if not, please kindly move it to the correct forum for me, thanks :) Anyway, I'll start with the good news :3 Next week on the 24th is my second wedding anniversary, yay!!! It's been a really rough two years, but we've managed to not hate each...
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    Pokemon Videos

    I found these AWESOME videos some people did with Pokemon. The first one is Pokemon: Dragonball Z Style If Pokemon were like DBZ. - YouTube This second video is a comedy routine Dane Cook did, and this person used Pokemon graphics to go with it: RAICHU COMEDY SHOW - YouTube
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    Theory on Ash and Alder

    Does anyone think Alder is Ash's dad? I've had this theory since before the anime series began. From what I have heard, this is the last series/season of Pokemon, and Ash's dad had left when he was little to be a Pokemon trainer. We've never seen Ash's dad before, so it'd make sense that...
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    New Pokemon Professor and Breeder Here

    Hi, my character name is Professor Lavender. I am a pokemon professor, researcher, and breeder. I mainly research the lifestyles of pokemon in their natural habitats in the wild. I am also an artist. I sketch some of the amazing things I see in my research. I've loved Pokemon since it first...