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  1. Herbizarre

    OFFERING : Free Mega Stones

    Long story short, I'm going to restart Omega Ruby, so right now I'm in the process of transferring many things to my Pokémon Y file in any way I can. But some Mega Stones will go to waste since they don't exist in X/Y. So here is what I have to offer : The Pokémons where those Mega Stones are...
  2. Herbizarre

    GEN VI: Looking for Speed Natured Pokémon Center Nagoya Magikarp

    It's the Lvl 99 Shiny Magikarp that has Hydro Pump in its moveset, which is a Japan-only event. So long as it has a Timid, Jolly, Hasty or Naive nature, I don't care what IVs it has. I'm willing to breed 6V Pokémons for that, but I can also trade some of my bred rejects. The list is as follow ...
  3. Herbizarre

    GEN VI: Wanting some Pokémons to breed !

    I've got back into Pokémon Y, and I looked up what Pokémon I'd feel like try to IV breed... Here is what I want to IV breed in the future : I'm mainly looking for 4-5x31 IV breed rejects ones. What I have in store for trading :
  4. Herbizarre

    Breeding giveaway ! (READ FIRST POST)

    I need to empty my boxes, so I'm giving away all the Pokémons I've bred so far, which includes (not counting those that are ordered) : However, I'm fairly limited in the number of empty spaces in my 3DS Friend List, so I'll delete each person I've finished to trade with. Kind of sucks, but...
  5. Herbizarre

    GEN VI: Looking for a 3-4Iv Timid female HA Eevee

    Here's the Pokémon I can offer in return for that Eevees : Each and every Pokémon mentionned are french, so you can use them for the Masuda Method.:thumbup:
  6. Herbizarre

    GEN VI: [UPDATE] Sandstorm Vivillon for IV Bred Pokémons

    I have almost all the Vivillon patterns available... Except 1 of them : Sandstorm. I'll trade any of the patterns I've mentionned for either female or male 4x31iv Jolly Mold Breaker Hawluchas (mostly males, since I'm starting to run out of females). I can also give out IV Bred Geodudes, all...
  7. Herbizarre

    TEEN: LittleGreenMenShipping

    Before starting this story up, I'm going to do a few disclaimers : - My native language isn't english (I'm french) - I used the TEEN prefix due to some parts being a little bit explicit, though I don't think those would be enough to use that label. Better safe than sorry, like they say. -...
  8. Herbizarre

    Ships that we don't support, but that we would ship if we wanted to

    I'm sure a lot of people here thinks the same way as I do and this is why I wanted to make a thread about it. Here, we will name the shippings that we would support, even if we don't really do and why. Hetero, yuri, yaoi... Anything goes. I'll start it off : Pokéshipping (Ash X Misty) ...
  9. Herbizarre

    RebelShipping Thread !

    My very first thread in Bulbagarden ! And it's about one of the 2 Pokémon Shippings I support : Touya/Hilbert X Bel/Bianca ! Why do you like RebelShipping ? After battling Cheren in Route 10 and after he went away, Bianca went to speak to the main character. But after I saw her dialogue...
  10. Herbizarre

    Bonjour, Bulbagarden !

    Here comes Herbizarre, the french Ivysaur ! In contrary to what you might believe, Ivysaur is not my favourite Pokémon (that honor goes to Aggron), but he's my favourite Pokémon to use in Brawl. Since the name of the site derivates from Bulbasaur, consider my username as a nod :) I mainly...