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    Your Name Pokemon...

    with the original method, i got Poliwag (woehoe! x_x) and with that marriland method I got Hippowdon.. like, wtf.
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    Wait! what? Moments

    I just started up my White, and it said the season was Autumn, I exited the Pokémon Center, and suddenly, it's Winter.. what's going on here?
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    Creepy things in the games

    ugh.. it's formed by the spirits of pokemon AND people, and it tries to steal children.. that's just creepy XD
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    Creepy things in the games

    The way Deino is blind, but is still affected by accuracy-reducing moves. It doesn't really creep me out, it's just really, really weird.
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    Where Do Most Pokefans Live?

    The Netherlands here.. :D
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    Getting Zorua and Zoroark

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    Didn't get a pre-order bonus with my game, which i picked up today.. don't really care anyhow.. i just want the game :P
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    Localized Names

    Made a list of all the new abilities with English names. They're from Japanese to English. I just couldn't fit all the English names with the Japanese ones, so maybe you guys know what could be what? Strangely, in the abilities list, all the types are listed too.. Japanese to English...
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    Localized Names

    Just took all the Pokémon names from the phrases/words list. It's in alphabetical order. Genosect isn't in the list. And I can't seem to see any of the names to be for Genosect.. I'll now start with the moves.
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    Localized Names

    oh haha, forgot Sumura's name. Sumura = Bronius
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    Localized Names

    Zinzolin is some color of purple, in French, so it kinda makes sense, since Vio is from Violet. Also, trainer classes + names (except main characters, Plasma grunts and gym leaders), up to Castelia City. More will come.
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    Localized Names

    Well, I'm still reading through the guide to get as many names as possible.. so when I found all the names, I'll post them. ;) There's a list of all the phrases/words you can use with the easy chat system etc. It has mons, abilities ánd moves. Now checking the lists, and will post all the Unova...
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    Localized Names

    I've just got the Piggyback gameguide for B/W, and a lot of names GamesMasters has revealed, are also in the guide.. Oh and the guide says Prof. Juniper seniors name is Cedric.
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    The return of... who's that Pokemon?

    I don't know why, but here in Holland, on Disney XD, they do show the silhouette of the Pokémon, but they don't show the answer or w/e. :') It's really weird. damn it.. :l ninja'd
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    Pokémon refreshed in the Netherlands: Thirteenth movie to air this Friday

    No, they've shown the whole movie, no things were cut out.
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    Pokémon refreshed in the Netherlands: Thirteenth movie to air this Friday

    lol, they've just showed the first 2 BW episodes, the third episode just started. are they trying to keep up with the US? the only thing i noticed is that the "Who's that Pokémon segment?" isn't shown correctly.. As in, they do ask what Pokémon it is, but they don't show the answer. kinda lame...
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    Which Will YOU Get Vol.2- Black or White?

    White all the way, it has Zekrom and the green blobthingy. And I like the version-exclusive locations like White Forest and the way Souryuu City is in White better, I don't like the whole modern city thing.. Oh and I'm kinda creeped out by Shaga's beard. :')
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    Caption the screenshots!

    ha, a citizen from City 17 said that :P
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    Characters that Can/Should appear in Best Wishes

    What was that Then what was Pokémon Tech? And the various Pokémon academies? Or are you talking about schools that actually teach you stuff like maths? Then no.. I don't think school exists in the Pokémon world XD
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    Celebi travels through time, around globe: More in-store distributions announced

    Even worse, Celebi is only to be distributed at Saturn, which only has 6/7 stores in holland, and only one V&D in Utrecht. :l lame.