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  1. Jenneta

    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Generation above?

    Bulbasaur! :) Gen 4?
  2. Jenneta

    Pokemon everyone else likes that you dislike

    Charizard and Pikachu, hands down. I'm happy if others like them, don't get me wrong, but I personally sigh everytime I see them since they're, more than not, the focus of promotions/special cards/etc. Especially Pikachu, which is a given since Pikachu is Pokemon's mascot of course, but still.
  3. Jenneta

    What is your fave Type or Types overall?

    Dark and Ghost I've very partial to; especially since a lot of my favorite Pokemon come from those two types (I also admittedly love the spooky lore behind the Pokemon in those types-though to be fair every type has their spooky or downright terrifying Pokemon in it, but I digress; I still love...
  4. Jenneta

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    I really like Meowstic's design and different color schemes; the male version in particular is my favorite because of the darker colors. :) Budew?
  5. Jenneta

    What is the most forgettable Pokemon of all?

    Oof, that's a tough question to answer, admittedly, since I've unfortunately forgotten a lot of Pokemon since I got out of it, LOL. But just in general, I would have to say for me I tend to forget a lot of Pokemon that weren't in Gen 4/5/6 (the gens I grew up playing and played the most of...
  6. Jenneta

    Hello hello!

    Warm welcome to you, Robin! :) Hope you enjoy your stay at the forums. ♥
  7. Jenneta

    Your hopes for sun and moon

    I've gotten out of Pokemon so much in the past two years that I'm not really sure what my hopes are for Sun and Moon. All I know is that I want character customization, clothes and skin tone and hair. Doesn't have to be grand with all these different hairstyles or clothes and whatnot, but a...
  8. Jenneta

    Generation VII confirmed!

    Pleased with this new announcement very much, excited for Sun and Moon. :) So far from what we've seen, it looks like a very beautiful region. ♥ This was a great way to kick off Pokemon's 2oth anniversary; can't wait for more news! ;D
  9. Jenneta

    Would You Want Old Games on eShop?

    I'm not so sure about MY personal opinion, since it's so split: On one hand, I think it would be super cool and I'd love to play the older games just to experience the original games (R/B/Y/G/S in my case: I have Emerald) and see what everyone loves about them, but on the other hand, I'm not...
  10. Jenneta

    Hoopa to be distributed in the US and France: Starting November 2 in France, November

    Ugh, I hate Mcdondalds, but for a Hoopa (which I don't have) I'll sit there for a few minutes and download the things...If they come to my small town Mcdonalds's, anyways, that's always the part I'm unsure about. D: I hope so; I could get four Hoopas out of this, one for myself and three others...
  11. Jenneta

    Notice Notification of Security Breach of Bulbagarden Forums Server

    I wouldn't mind everything being swept away, but that's because I don't have anything to save. XD. On another note, I like the new site and all the new features so far. Glad the transition was okay! :) It'll take me a little while to get used to the new site, but otherwise, I really like it. o3o.
  12. Jenneta

    It's been over a year. What is your opinion on the Fairy Type now?

    I like the fairy type, although I do agree about some better moves, but then again it's just a starting type. The only reason I don't tend to like is because of it's super advantage over Dark types (which I always have one on my team 99% of the time) and how I always forget it's super effective...
  13. Jenneta

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    Saw the shiny event on Tumblr, but the post didn't explain it was Japan only (should of figured it out but the excitement overtook me), now I feel like an idiot. DX. Oh well, hopefully we'll see the shiny distributions here in America and everywhere else in the world, because I want those...
  14. Jenneta

    Hoopa events announced for Europe and North America: Serial codes to be available in

    Re: Hoopa events announced for Europe and North America: Serial codes to be available I got so excited to hear this...until I clicked on the link of the article and saw it was serial codes only. D: Oh well, I'll continue waiting for an online event, but still, it disappoints me a little.
  15. Jenneta

    Favorite starter

    Chimchar was my first starter that I fell in love with, and still is my favorite. :) ♥ Can't get enough of that cute fire monkey!
  16. Jenneta

    Your First Level 100 Pokemon

    My first level 100 was my Milotic, Valentina, in my Platinum game on Route 228 trying to catch some Hippowdon's. It was late at night, and I had been grinding immensely for some odd reason (I was 12 and I was new to Pokemon, I just went with whatever my heart desired xD) and before I knew it...
  17. Jenneta

    Which Main Series Games do YOU personally think had the best story?

    I'm going to go with the majority of the people on this thread and go with Gen 5...But only for second, though. My personal favorite story is Platinum (It's always Platinum with me, yes, I know xD). I just love Team Galactic as a whole, and Cyrus doesn't help it: I adore Cyrus, and I thought he...
  18. Jenneta

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    I'm not 100% sure on this one, but for skipping the cutscene: No, there isn't. Unfortunately you have to keep watching it over and over. D: But no, their nature/Iv's aren't set, as far as I know, so every time you reset they are completely different. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, though...
  19. Jenneta

    The "Check Your Signature" Thread

    I'm pretty dang sure my signature is alright; I made sure the image wasn't too big, but it never hurts to check. :3 Is it alright?
  20. Jenneta

    The Legitimacy of Berries in XY/ORAS

    I do not use berries at all, and only use them for contests. I used to plant tons of them in Platinum before I had any of the other games, but after I got B/W and basically ditched Platinum...Needless to say my berries are long gone. As of now, in X/Y/OR/AS? None, except to use in contests in...