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    GEN VI: Literally just a Larvitar

    Hey everybody, I believe this is the correct location for a simple request of this nature - if it is not, moderators, feel free to relocate this thread to the proper place. As the title says, I need a Larvitar, which is a version exclusive to Pokémon Y. Preferably, it'd already know Dragon...
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    A More Realistic Pokémon World

    After disclosing where in the Pokémon world I would theoretically reside, I felt the need to open a thread to discuss something that has always captivated my imagination. Each Pokémon region, at least within the games, is dotted by a finite number of interesting communities. With so many routes...
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    GEN VI: Mudkip (You heard I like 'em?)

    Hey everyone, Simple request - I'd like a Mudkip. I have no particular preference for its ability - Torrent or Damp works. With regards to its nature, it'd be best if it were either the Adamant or Naughty variety; the better its IVs, the better. That being said, I can take almost anything since...
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    GEN VI: 4-6 IV Ditto

    Hey everyone, As the thread title indicates, I would like to receive a 4-6 IV Ditto for the obvious purpose of breeding. I have a pair of 4 IV Ralts that I breed from time to time to make 5 IV Ralts (31/x/31/31/31/31) with a Timid Nature. I'd be more than happy to trade one away if...
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    Hey! I figured howdy would be a nice departure from the standard hello! I'm the_may_fan - and as the moniker implies, I've always been a huge fan of May from the anime. Since there are thankfully places to elaborate on that point, I'll finish my brief introduction. Like a majority of the...