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    SwSh All Purpose Trade Services! (Gen VIII)

    Need a HA Falinks trade I have HA Corsola 5 iv we can set up a link code FC: 3074-3692-0236
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    Trading board?

    Hello Bulbagarden. After much help back in the X and Y and ORAS days and 400+ hours between the two I created a living Dex! Thanks to all of you! I was also able to do the same for S/M adding to my living dex. I am 28 hrs. into Sword and am down to only needing 12 of the new Galar Mons. Hope...
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    Hate how every Pokemon board is competitive!

    Ok! SOS method for HA fine! (Go catch me a teleporting Abra AINT GONNA HAPPEN! Rilou (IMO ok! SUICIDES LIKE GEODUDE!) For GOD SAKE PEOPLE WANT me to catch UNCACTCHABLE POKEMON Be REALISTIC! (sort of mad! sorry). I have to time I'm fine (60 eggs later NO shiny!). SHEESH!
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    Hate how every Pokemon board is competitive!

    IV's Natures! ONLY HA too for trades! How about just baby pokemon? How about some extra legends! (Nintendo gave some over WIFI and the 20th Anniversary events!) But NO it's IV/Natures/HA. I'm not breeding/chaining for that stuff!!!! I just want a simple pokemon trade!!!! (I have a LIVING DEX!)...
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    GEN VII: Paying it FORWARD!

    A couple years ago! Bulbagardens helped me complete my AS dex getting all 721 pokemon (from tradebacks) but STILL I HAD a COMPLETE DEX. To which I thank every which one of you. Thanks to the 20th anniversary I was able to CREATE A LIVING DEX!!!!! Despite the whole Bank/National Dex issue! I'd...
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    Anyone looking for Bank pokémon?

    I worked hard during Gen VI thanks to tradebacks on this site and the 20th anniversary I was able to make a LIVING DEX all 721 Pokemon! Having X/ORAS (both of them) so 3 games. I was able to in turn get three mythicals (I did the stores and Nintendo wifi). Not to mention having multiples of...
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    Is Gen VI your favorite?

    After the 3D models I sort of can't go back to 2-D IMO. Sure the story is IMO weak but I'm replaying it and sort of chose to play "old school" no Exp Share end of game have lv. 60+ Pokemon going against the Pokemon League! LOL! I also like the smaller grass areas outside of towns instead of...
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    Nothing like having a full Pokedex!

    AS transferred to OR 300+ hours in X to get 715 Pokemon including evolving A TON of Pokemon through the X Cafe method WOW! Restarted X I LOVE I transferred back a False Swipe lv. 1 Scyther and am playing old school NO EXP SHARE! and choosing the Pokemon I WANT to use. I also have multiples of...
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    New to competitive battling

    I've looked over a few other topics here on the issue and couldn't exactly find an answer I think? I looked over Smogen on which pokemon I was considering building a team around but first I need to do IVs for breeding. I've done 30 Klefkis,30 squirrtles,and 30+ eevee and most had "maybe" 2 (31)...
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    Why are we not getting EVENT legendaries this gen?

    Outside of Japan who got Darkri and Jaurachi already other countries not so much. I'm U.S. and I'm happy to have two Diance but she's Gen VI how about those that missed out on the EVENTS from Gen 1-5? I'm disappointed it's been endless shines and pokemon we can already capture. Of course...
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    Do you use bank to transfer all your Pokemon?

    I have a completed my Dex in AS thanks to Bulbagarden here YA! 719 all of them YA! Well I found out after I transferred them all over and restarted X that only 709 or so "count" since the EVENTS are now considered "secret" or sort of not count towards the completion now. (Wish I would have known...
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    Speculation Generation VI: The Future

    Do you think the story from Gen VI will go on from Kalos and Hoenn (ORAS). They connected the ORAS games to X/Y and Kalos and Mega Evolutions PLUS the Delta Episode. I hope Gen VII evolves the story instead of set stories in a gen like FF does. Connecting the stories from Gen VI onward would get...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Quick question about catching legends. Trying to catch a legendary with a certain nature. Can I catch/check it then reset or is it set already (before saving at the portal.) For instance Fire Emblem is "SET" when you die even starting over with a reset you still die you have to literally start...
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    Are these pokemon ok to build a team around?

    From my Smogon research I know with Hydregion it's not the most powerful health wise but come in turn one Draco meteor OHKO then pull him out insert another pokemon. Also 99% of Sylveons use Hyper Voice and Sylveon has some bulk so she can take a hit or two which is good. I saw MEGA Lopunny on a...
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    GEN VI: 2 IV Female Eevee please?

    I have a ditto with SHIT IV's and after going after 40 Eevee ALL MALE! NO FEMALES! I have some 2 IV's even a 4 IV from a wonder trade even and a couple Bold nature a couple with the Hidden ability but ALL MALES oh and a shiny even! From researching this if you can get a FEMALE with 2+ IVs with a...
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    How to make breeding IV EV training etc. easier is what?

    What can they improve to make it even easier? The ORAS aspect of catching 3 IV pokemon I feel needs to stay somewhat even if it's not "stars" and just a P for perfect or something. The Destiny knot pass down 5 IV's needs to stay moving into Pokemon Z Gen 7 and onward. EV training with the power...
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    Are these pokemon ok to build a team around?

    I just looked around Smogon for top pokemon and now am watching a 2nd place winner Cyberproductions youtube videos to get an idea of what the popular to use pokemon are. So I'd say doubles since it's official VGC stuff. With moves I was just looking around Smogon and using the natures etc. of...
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    Are these pokemon ok to build a team around?

    I'm VERY NEW to creating a team IV's Ev's etc. My team idea is the following Sylveon Lopunny MEGA Hydregion Volcarona and 2 more (Not sure what though) Sadly the used legendaries I have that I pulled up on Somgon have SHITTY IV's so THEY ARE OUT! (AKA Genie trio and Zapdos SHIT IV's)...
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    Your "YES!" moments

    YA! Got an Eevee from another trainer (I guess wonder trade) and it has the nature I want AND 4 perfect IV's WOW! YES!!!!! Still chaining them with the Dex to get that star potential up also part of my chaining I found a SHINY ONE!!! OMG! Not the nature shitty IVs but I'll level it up to one of...
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    Wow! making teams is time consuming!

    I atleast made it the step of the EV bands by trading on here and even decided on my team. I have the pokemon in my completed 719 Pokedex too! Then find out I need what is called a hidden ability on two of them sadly those two pokemon aren't catchable in ORAS and I had already restarted my X...