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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    hm... Tracey?
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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    Correct! You get the next question! (I know it was an easy one...)
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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    Name what has gotten into Brock's "way of getting girls" (I.E. Pokemon and People)
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    Pokemon Anime Quiz

    Pikachu (XDD), Togepi, Maril, Umbreon, Glameow...
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    OOOH!!! YAYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! It's back guys! It's really really baack!!! =DDDD ... I must be dreaming... *pinches self* OUCH!... I'M NOT!!! IT'S BACK! It's back! *jumps up and down like a child on suger rush and starts happy dancing* What movie would you like to see Ash and May in? Hm...
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    Snog, Marry, or Avoid?

    AVOID!!! (what's snog mean anyways?)
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    The Genrai Saga

    The Genrai Saga Summary: A young girl named April takes on the Genrai region. With entirely new (made up) pokemon and adventures. What will she haft to face? Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Romance Rated: PG-13 (parental guidance is suggested for those under 13 years of age. For reasons of...
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Agreed! Along with the: XD This thread is soooo amusing, I'm glad I'm an advanceshipper!
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    I join! 8D
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    The RPG directory

    Title: Pokemon Anime Act Out Thread! Game Master: advanceshipper!<3 Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Cartoon Description: Act out certain episodes from the pokemon anime dub series. Role play as who ever and pretty much put how YOU as the character would act. Status: Signs ups open Sign up...
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    What does the future hold for Dawn now that DP is winding down?

    ... I hope it's the truth.... I like Dawn alot... =( I seemed to adore the idea of a female finally being treated like the heroine, in which we deserved years ago!!! They seemed to be bringing the heroine idea to many NOW anyways... I mean she saved the hero and the pikachu in the beginning and...
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    What does the future hold for Dawn now that DP is winding down?

    Just curious but how does togekiss have anything to do with any sort of twist?
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    Poké~Gal's Avatar & Banner Island

    Is she ok? I heard from a friend that she does great banner's so I want to make a shippy request! Could I have a couples banner on vineshipping? (may's bulbasaur and ash's bulbasaur in the anime?)
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    What songs remind you of AdvanceShipping? I was listening to the radio earlier and thought about this, so good timing my friend! (do I always think about advanceshipping?) anyways here's the link to the video that has the lyrics on youtube: It's...
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    εїз.Couple Claim Thread.εїз

    since advance is taken I'll take vineshipping (ash's/satoshi's bulbasaur and May's/haruka's bulbasaur) now! (anime)
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    Rate the Signature Above You

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    PokeSilverShipping (Ash/Lyra)

    Re: PokeSilverShipping(Ash/Lyra) It's alright! I like a few ships... It's not my fav or top three... I think it's cute though!!!
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    I'm not sure of the name... But I hated that episode... (though I did like the icecream part!) Scene: *May is staring after *chokes*drew*back to normal*someone I really want to hit!!! when an icecream suddenly appears in her face and startles her... IT'S ASH!!!*
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    Cancelled Games Murder in the Dark [Game inactive, please restart]

    Re: Murder in the Dark :lx222: When's the murder going to happen and HOW?!?! I'm ready to investigate the crime!... that is if it's not me who dies... PLEASE MURDER, DON'T PICK ME!!!... but if you really hate me then pick me... just remember, I'M WATCHING YOU the joking pikachu! (=< EDIT: OH...