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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I don't get to "miss" days working aboard the ship, not unless I'm dead, dying, or infected with the plague and the ship's doctor says so. My supervisor knows where I live (right down the hall from him, actually) and I will hear judgemental phone calls/door banging if I somehow manage to "miss"...
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    POPULAR: Character Development Den (Questions)

    From A Sine of Things to Come. Peter Sine: "... The magnet train. It goes fast, goes to many places, and always goes on-time." Two parter question. Q: What sound or noise do you love? What sound or noise do you hate?
  3. chaos_Leader

    DISCUSSION: Killing Off Characters

    In other work I've done, I've killed off several major supporting characters form earlier points in the series as a means to create a "talent vacuum" for the principal characters to fill. An especially relevant point is that one of these characters survives, and goes on to act as a mentor figure...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Serious talk in spoiler. Edit: wow, talk about a downer. A brief moment of concern, but I'm going to do fine as I put the pieces of it in context. While I can worry about the situation, and be highly concerned over it, I won't be held down by by fear. I do my duty and do my part, whatever may...
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    TEEN: A Sine of Things to Come: a Journey of Rediscovery

    My profession is an audio technician for performance venue, and electronic music composition is a hobby on the side for me. So when I'm writing about these electrical/technical things, most of it is coming from experience/knowledge. The real trick of portraying it in story I think is finding...
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    GAME: Review League

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Forgotten Isles Total: 8 Review Base: 2 Wordcount: 4 Speedy Review, Update: 2 Monthly Challenge: 2
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    TEEN: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Forgotten Isles (Chapter 50 Posted, Story Concluded)

    Well, I've made it all the way to the most recent chapters. So this is shaping up to be an Adventure flavored kind of "buddy-cop" story, where two co-protagonists with contrasting personalities and styles are forced to work together to solve the problem. It's a solid format, and naturally...
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    GAME: Review League

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legends Unraveled Total: 7 Review Base: 2 Wordcount: 3 Archive: 2 Awards Challenge: 2
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    COMPLETE: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legends Unraveled (Epilogue Posted, Story Concluded) (TEEN)

    I recall seeing this story bounce around the boards a while back. I ended up not checking it out several times, making little excuses in my head for myself. "It's another PMD fic, those are always awkward" "With a name like that, he's probably just a swooning Lucario fanboy" "I don't have time...
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    GAME: Review League

    Three reviews all at once this time: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps: Total: 8 Review Base: 2 Chapter: 1 Wordcount: 3 Judge: 2 Monthly challenge: 2 Unpredictable: Total: 8 Review Base: 2 Chapter: 1 Wordcount: 3 Judge: 2 Monthly challenge: 2 Pokemon Spectrum: Total: 8 Review Base: 2...
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    TEEN: Pokèmon Spectrum (An Original Journey Fic) - Weekly Short Story "Movie Time", June 8th 2017

    Similar format as most journey style, except our main protagonist is after contest ribbons instead of badges, but another of the gang is going after badges, and yet another is gunning for frontier symbols. Team Element spoils the fun, but not really. First two encounters had our heroes beat the...
  12. chaos_Leader

    MATURE: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps - Chapter 98

    This is going to be a doozy, since there's so much ground to cover. In the late-story, particularly what I read immediately prior to this review, the big driving factor feels more like the predestination dilemma that Alaska has, rather than the actual actions of the plot itself. A LOT of story...
  13. chaos_Leader

    TEEN: Unpredictable

    It feels, first and foremost, like standard Journey fare: get the badges, travel with friends, something rotten spoils the fun, all of it loosely modeled after the scenario of Red/Blue in Kanto, but sans Red/Blue the characters entirely in favor of Keith. I'm kind of shaky on the concept behind...
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    GAME: Review League

    Got another review down. Because you Were There, both current chapters. Points Total: 10 Review Base: 2 Chapters: 2 Wordcount: 2 Review Game Bonus: 2 Speedy Review, Update: 2
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    GAME: The Review Game

    Done and done. As per usual, the latest chapter for A Sine of Things to Come would be excellent, but I'll be happy to hear from earlier chapters if you'd prefer.
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    TEEN: Because You Were There

    Here from the review game! Chapter 1: The first chapter is a pretty strong start. It opens with a proposition: that of Pokemon being soldiers in a dangerous conflict. The second part introduces us to the Mecha we were forewarned about, giving it to us In Medias Res right in the thick of...
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    GAME: Review League

    I've got a second one ready to go. The Long Walk, Chapters 25, 26 and 27. 8 points
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    TEEN: The Long Walk

    Aaand we're back. Meant to do this In the review game, but Flaze beat me to it. Still, I'm not one to let a good review go to waste, so here goes. Review: Long Walk Ch. 25: As a portion of a large tournament arc, I feel like this chapter does pretty well. The victory itself was not...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I wonder, is this how a mad scientist feels? I was just cooking up some rice, and wanted to put something a bit more exciting than a fried egg over it when it was done. One hour and one raided pantry later, with some kitchen shenanigans in the mix, and I think I'm on to something: Ingredients...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I am a US citizen, but I've traced my own lineage back a bit, and even got the genetics analyzed (or rather, my parents did and squeed about it to me). As for which countries, it's all of them, and I mean all of them. My family name is from a Norwegian line, but included in the known ancestors...