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    Dream world female carvanha and drifloon wanted.

    I'm back! I have been away from Bulbagarden for awhile and I have finally come back! I am searching for (as the title suggests) a Dream World female Carvanha and drifloon. If anybody has a spare of either I would be willing to trade a few Dream world females I own. It would be much appreciated...
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    Wanted! Jolly diglett with stealth rock

    Im looking for a jolly diglett with stealth rock. I can trade a few dwf pokemon or egg move pokemon.
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    Shiny golett With adamant nature and iron fist wanted.

    As the thread title states, I'm looking for a shiny golett preferably level 1 with adamant nature and iron fist. I am willing to trade a dw gligar, exeggute, or volrorb.
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    Gen V battle

    I have recently finished my team and I am looking to battle. Anyone who wants to battle is welcome. Hacks are fine Non-über legends are fine Win: Manny Lose: (probably no one)
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    female exeggute with dream world abilities to good homes

    After breeding for an exeggute for my team I am left with four females with the harvest ability. I'm giving them to anyone who wants them since for me they are only taking up space. All are level one and have the following nature: 1xhardy (reserved) 1xtimid (traded away) 1xcareful 1xcalm...
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    Dw exeggute needed

    I am looking for a dw exeggute. If anyone has one they would like to trade I can offer these Pokemon: Houndour, solosis, horsea, drifloon, staryu, Klink, tynamo, and clamperl. If interested please let me know what Pokemon you would like.
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    Hey, everyone.

    I'm new here and just wanted to be able to talk, battle, and trade with other Pokemon fans.