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    Hero's random Pokemon stuff.

    Hey guys, Hero here. I'd like to show off my small collection. Cards Games Manga
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    A Heroic Entry

    I joined awhile back, was active for a little while, then vanished. I'm hoping that I can be active this time. A little bit about me. I'm Canadian I'm left handed I draw I make graphics I work part time My favorite TV show is Fringe I'm 18 I'm a little shy
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    Crisis in Johto

    In the Johto Region, two legendary entities protect both the Pokemon and people who live there. The legendary guardian of the Sky; Ho-oh, and the legendary guardian of the sea; Lugia. Both are said to only be a legend -- Creatures of myth -- that protect the Johto region for endless seasons. It...
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    Permission Groups, what are they?

    I'm really wondering what the significance of the permission groups are. What do they do, and why are they here?
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    Will you be my...

    It's just like the title says, you ask will you be my (insert something here) and the next poster will answer yes or no then asks will you be my (insert something here) and so on. Here is an example: will you be my candy cane? next poster No will you be my pillow? Though there...
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    Doitsu's Art

    Hello all, thanks for stumbling across my art thread. I've been drawing for six years now, and have been slowly improving my artwork. My older drawings were taken with a digital camera until August of 2011, that was when I bought a scanner, and believe me, it was a great choice! Okay so...
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    Hallo Everyone!

    Hello everyone, I'm Doitsu, I'm new to the Bulbagarden forums, though this isn't the first Pokemon site I've been on. I'm a graphic artist, traditional artist, and Roleplayer. It's a pleasure to meet you all!